Cuisine of the Mortal Realms

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Cuisine of the Mortal Realms.
For the consumption of sapient beings see: Cannibalism in the Mortal Realms

The Mortal Realms are realities and as such its numerous inhabitants make use of all manner of fauna and flora for the production of food and beverages.

Cuisine and Agriculture in the Mortal Realms


A Keg of Barak-Thyng Dark Ale and a stein of Magmalt

Those settlements and civilizations that have easy access to seas, lakes, and rivers will often be able to incorporate fish and other aquatic creatures as part of their stable diet. Fishing is most common in the Realms of Aqshy and Ghur.[2a][2b] Sky-fishing is also a common industry among those civilizations with access to vessels that can fly such as the Kharadron Overlords and fishing flees of the Realm of Azyr.[2a]

Game, meat acquired via hunting, will also be incorporated into the diets of many societies across the Mortal Realms. Hunting for food is particularly common in Aqshy and Ghur.[2a]

Taverns across the Mortal Realms tend to offer a variety of foods, most common among them are bread and ales, often made from local grains, as well as spirits and wine.[1a] Other stables include foods such as cheese, fresh meat, and locally grain vegetables.[1a][2b]

In the taverns, winesinks, bars, and pubs of the Cities of Sigmar Twin-Tailed Ale is always on the menu, though every city has their own take on this far-reaching drink. It is usually made from local grains and filtered water.[2b]

A lucrative spice trade has developed between the Realms of Chamon, Aqshy, and Ghyran. With exotic spices from all across the three Realms appearing in many markets. Dawnspice, Daggerbite, and powdered Gheist-chillies are the most well-known of these exotic spices.[2a]

Most Gargants in the Mortal Realms are willing to accept food as payment for mercenary work, this fact has resulted in more than one high-stakes cooking competition breaking out before a battle as the forces on both sides attempt to sway a Gargant to their side. Volume and flavour are key factors to winning such competitions.[43a]

The pelagic sealife of the oceans of the Mortal Realms are among the most common food sources of Kraken-Eater Mega-Gargants. Among the many creatures they dredge from the ocean to feast on are swordfish, sawtooth rays, sea serpents, mirror-whales, and blacksharks. Greatest of all prey however are the many-tentacled monsters from which these Gargants get their names, Krakens.[33d]

Coalesced Seraphon favor a number of species of worm-like grubs as delicacies, including Itxi Grubs and Kraka-Tikki Grubs.[74a][75a]


Across the Mortal Realms many different strains, often locally sourced, of wheat, corn, rice, potatoes, and other staple crops are cultivated for consumption.[2a] Cereal grains are a particularly common and important staples for countless civilizations and societies all across the Mortal Realms.[1b][2a][36a] These are often consumed in the form of bread[2b], gruel[16c], and alcohol.[1a][2b][28a]

There is a staggering variety of grains cultivated across the Mortal Realms including many variants of barley, wheat, corn, rye, oats, and rice. Known local strains of these common grains include bonewheat, silverwheat, jadewheat, corpsemaize, gloomrice, green-corn, and smoking rye. Others are species unique to the Cosmos Arcane, or a specific Realm, such as coppergrass, embergrain, and rustigo.[2a][16c][22][26c][34d][38b][35a][61c][63c][76c][91a]

Rations and Preservation

Rations are used by soldiers, such as those of the Freeguilds, and travellrs whilst they are out in the wilderness or on the mark during campaigns. Dried, salted, or smoked meats, hard tack, dried beans, dried fruits, and common bread tend to be the most common rations used.[2b][38a][34e][26b] Saolbread, a long-lasting variety from the Realm of Life, is also popular.[2b]

Dried peas and beans are used as common provisions by Sigmarite Strongpoints established in the wake of the Dawnbringer Crusades. These victuals play a vital role in such settlements surviving and growing steadily year after year.[60]

Methods of Preserving Food

The peoples of the Mortal Realms have developed a number of methods to cure meats and fish such as smoking drying, and salting. These methods of preservation allow the meat to last longer without rotting. Oilcloth is often wrapped around these foods to protect them.[38a][62c]

Other methods of preserving foods include candying, often used to preserve fruits; pickling, often used to preserve vegetables, roots, and tubers; drying, often used to preserve berries. Many of these preserves are kept in jars to keep them from ruining.[62c]

Stein of Magmalt

Realm of Aqshy

  • Some, wealthy and daring, Aqshians have been known to spice their food with Emberstone.[23a]
  • The communal kitchens and bakeries of the Brass Mire district of Hammerhal Aqsha are built around heat wells, holes in the ground that lead to the magma of the Adramar Rift far below.[44a]

Realm of Azyr

  • In the Realm of Azyr sky-fishing is known to be an expansive enterprise, with entire fishing fleets dedicated to the industry.[20a]

Realm of Chamon

Keg of Kharadron Ale
  • In Droost there exist a collection of stone towers built in the Age of Chaos to defend the region's borders and settlements from the monsters and the rampaging servants of Chaos, after the region was incorporated into Sigmar's Empire in the Age of Sigmar the forts were ceded to the Order of Azyr. These forts were built over underground wells and had vaults constructed within them to allow the cultivation of edible moss and mushrooms, making them self-sufficient.[30a]

Realm of Ghur

  • Tandoors, a type of oven, are known to be used by some of the people of Thondia.[46a]

Realm of Ghyran

  • Aqshian delicacies, like salamander-meat, find heavy demand in the markets of the Jade Kingdoms.[2a]
  • Crops and other foodstuffs from the Garden City of Hammerhal Ghyra are transported to settlements, cities, and armies all across the Mortal Realms. In turn grubs and bugs serve as the primary sustenance for the people of the city.[16a]
  • The Free City of Greywater Fastness boasts a robust food culture with eateries and mobile restaurants around the city catering to all manner of tastes. Its many food carts are known to specialize in specific cuisines and dishes, with a Greywater twist and notable substitutions, ranging from spicy foods from Aqshian to delicate Azyrian dishes. Local favourites include meat and vegetable pastries as well as curried peas.[51a]
  • In Demesnus Harbour flour dough is often baked with pollen from bullrushes, to help thicken the bread.[36a]

Realm of Shyish

  • Fishing galleys ply the waters of Shyish. They bring in hauls of edible fish, such as bledrig, which are consumed by the human denizens of Shyish, especially in coastal cities such as Lethis.[4a][4b]
  • By the Age of Sigmar the cruel dominion that Nagash holds over the Realm of Shyish has left much of it barren. Its grey soil can sustain nothing but the hardiest of crops, its waters are full of ghostly eels, grey fish, and skeletal monstrosities which serve as the primary food source of the living.[22]
  • The soil in Shyish is often of poor quality, leeched of vital nutrients, thus those that reside in the Realm tend to cultivate hardier plants that bear tasteless strains of fruits and vegetables.[2a]

Lists of Food in the Mortal Realms

The following are lists of the foods and beverages of the Mortal Realms.

Baked Goods

Baked Goods of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Barley Bread Cereal Bread made from barley. [62b]
Biscuits, Loaves Bread Loaves of biscuit baked until hard to be used as travel food. [48a]
Biscuits, Twice-Baked Bread Biscuits that have been baked twice during the cooking process. [48b]
Bread, Loaves Bread Bread has long been a staple food of many civilizations, empires, and cities. The myriad Cities of Sigmar prefer to use locally sourced grain. [1a]
Duardin Bread Bread The bread baked by Duardin is considered difficult for those outside their race to stomach it without lots of wine, though there have been humans who have acquired a taste for it. It pairs well with chuf. [37a]
Jadespice Buns Sweet Bread Buns made with jadespice. [64a]
Living City Loaf Bread Loafs of bread originating from Living City are considered so fine they are exported as far as the Rocanian Coast. [64a]
Oat-Bread Bread Bread made from oats. Occasionally served roasted. [42a]
Oat Cake Bread Flatbread made from oats. [38b]
Rock Cake Bread A type of cake known for being exceptionally tough. [64c]
Saolbread Bread Bread known for its longevity that originates from the Realm of Ghyran. [2b]
Stonebread Bread Stonebread is a dense bread, typically baked into biscuits, that are often used as rations for Arkanauts. It is hard enough to chip teeth. [10a]
Vine-Cake Bread A type of bread made in the Realm of Ghyran. [39a]
Wheat-Cake Biscuit Wheat-Cakes are wood-hard rations known to be carried by some Freeguild regiments, similar to hardtack. Soldiers will often drown them in liquids, such as sow's milk, to soften them. Often get infested with weevils. [46b]

Condiments and Sauces

Condiments and Sauces of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Chili Oil Condiment A condiment made of chilis, often served in a porringer. [61e]
Dappled Efreet Ragu Sauce Ragu made from Dappled Efreet. [56a]
Deepblossom Honey Sweets A variety of honey eaten by the Idoneth of the Green Gulch. [8b]
Honey Sweets A sweet substance made by bees. It is the primary ingredient needed for brewing mead and is often used to flavour other beverages like tea and wine. Some varieties of honey are used as preservatives. [36a][49a][51a]
Marsh Honey Sweets A variety of honey that is known to be a good preservative. In Demesnus it is used as a home remedy to stave off the aches of old age, with a spoonful a day said to be enough to stave off the full weight of one's years. [36a]
Salamander Glands Offal Firebellies are known to dry the glands of salamanders and crush them up to add to their stews, to give them an extra kick. [24b]
Salamander Scales Flavoring Firebellies are known to use salamander scales to spice food. [24b]
Sea Salt Salt Highly prized among the tribes and hunters of Ghur as a commodity and preservative for meats. [3b]
Rootwood Sap Sap The sweet sap of the rootwood tree. [61c]
Snow Sage Garnish Used as a garnish by the Suku peoples. [80c]

Desserts and Sweets

Desserts and Sweets of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Candied Roasted Nuts Sweet/Nuts A treat served at the Festival of Memory in Brightspear. They can be acquired for free, given a patron is brave enough to stick their hand in the fire and retrieve the teats. [13a]
Candied Terrorpin Liver Seafood A dish made by preserving a terrorpin liver in sugar syrup. [56a]
Crumble Cake Dessert A type of cake enjoyed as a dessert. [61b]
Crushed Ice Dessert Ice that has been crushed, flavoured, and served in cups has been enjoyed by denizens of the Mortal Realms since the Age of Myth. [20b]
Frosted Cakes Cake Cakes covered in frosting. [98a]
Milk Pudding Pudding A pudding made with milk. [63a]
Sherbet Dessert A frozen dessert made of flavored ice. [85a]
Skull and Bone Shaped Candy Cinnamon-flavoured Candy These cinnamon flavoured treats are sold from carts during the Festival of Memory in Brightspear. [13a]
Sugared Ocelines Sweeta Ocelines that have been covered in sugar. [56a]

Dairy Products

Dairy Products of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Butter Fats A dairy product made of fats used in cooking. [80b]
Cheese Cheese A dairy product made of the curds of milk. Often packaged in paper and used as a travel ration. [80b]
Grey Cheese Cheese A soft and easily spreadable cheese. [95a]


Drinks of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
4th Quarter Wine 4th Quarter is a wine available in Izalend. [80a]
Agrimead Mead A brew created in the Free City of Greywater Fastness from honey made by bees in the city's Agrichambers, glass and iron hydroponic facilities scattered across the city. [51a]
Ar-ale Ale One of many types of ale that Kharadron transport and sell. [10a]
Aqshian Firewater Liquor Aqshian Firewater, known as Burny Grog among Kraken-Eater Gargants, is a strong liquor of good quality. However, it can be quite volatile and bursts into flames when its container is smashed. [33a]
Aqshyan Fire Rum Rum An excellent rum that glimmers and moves in its glass container as if it is fire. It burns in a delightful way when consumed. [100b]
Aquita Red Wine A variety of wine that was made in Aquita, a province of Bataar, in the Age of Myth. [35a]
Ash Brandy Brandy A brandy infused with smoke. Sold at Brightspear's Festival of Memory. [13a]
Barak-Thryng Dark Ale Duardin Ale A thick, dark ale brewed in the skyport of Barak-Thryng. It is rarely, if ever, seen outside the skyports. It is brewed in accordance with ancient, closely guarded recipes. [1a]
Beggar's Ruin Grog Cheap grog sold in Ulfenkarn during the reign of Radukar. Brewed from mushrooms and the peelings of vegetables. [86a]
Bearded Special Duardin Beer The Bearded Special is an annual tradition of the Edrundour clan. These commemorative ales change yearly depending on the ingredients and methods used to brew them but near always draw in a crowd. [66a]
Bitterberry Wine Wine Wine made of bitterberries. [76a]
Black Beard Duardin Beer One of the brewed and sold by the Edrundour clan. [66a]
Blood-Grog Grog A type of grog brewed in the city of Carngrad. [102a]
Blood-Mead Mead A variety of mead that is favoured by Centigors, who often rush into battle drunk on the brew. [3e]
Blood-Reed Liquor Liquor Liquor made from blood-reeds. [67a]
Blood Tea Tea It is made with real blood. [63b]
Bugman's XXXXXX Duardin Ale The most renowned brew of the Bugman's Brew guild-company. [2b]
Bugman's Fifth X Duardin Ale A renowned brew of the Bugman family line. [101a]
Bugman's Special Brew Duardin Ale An ancient beer whose recipe originates from the World-That-Was. [65a]
Buckmaster's Brew Ale A brew sold at 'Grindstone Tavern on Longwheeler Place in the Free City of Hammerhal Aqsha. [41]
Cankerberry Wine Wine A variety of wine that was favoured in the Copsys Bule's Corpse Marshes. [32a]
Cankerwine Wine A variety of wine that is favoured by the followers of Nurgle. [19a]
Caulep Wine Algae Wine A dark wine favored and cultivated by the Idoneth of the Green Gulch. [8a]
Chai Tea A type of tea often served hot. [10a]
Cauldron of Blood Stout A dark, reddish brown stout favored by darkling aelves that contains a few drops of blood in every pint. [1a]
Chicory Tea Tea Tea brewed from chicory root. [34c]
Cindermilk Wine A type of cheap, Aqshian wine. [34f]
Coffee Coffee A drink brewed from roasted beans. Known to have an energizing effect on imbibers. [61a]
Copper Fire Duardin Ale A rare variety of ale brewed by Kulrin Grumgar and Vulrin Grumgar, who consider it their masterpiece. [2a]
Crow's Foot Ale Crow's Foot, named for its unique smell and taste, was the house ale of the Crow's Nest in the Free City of Anvilgard. [29a]
Cyphian Amber Wine A well-known variety of alcohol. [24a]
Dead Rat Walking (DRW) Unspecified This deceptively strong, spicy, and delicious brew has hints of burned toffee and red berry. [1a]
Deffcap Elixir Fungus Brew A fungal brew made from deffcap mushrooms. [45b]
Delerian Firegrog Liquor A rare vintage of liquor. [69a]
Dragon's Hoard Duardin Beer This was the perennial favourite of the Bearded Dragon tavern, located in Copperback Hills before the region and its communities were overrun by Nighthaunt. [66a]
Drops of Heaven Beer Beer with a light, malty sweetness. It is brewed in Azyrheim by a religious order that fiercely guards their secrets, all that is known of their process is that the beer is purified with prayer and crystal. [1a]
Drowned Man's Drink Cocktal An alcoholic cocktail that was brewed by Mejra Roviks, mortal publican of Ulfenkarn's Tilted Lugger. Supposedly the vile concoction contains Undead Kraken ink along with over a dozen other unidentifiable ingredients. Unknown to all but Mejra, vampires cannot tolerate the vile drink. [86a]
Duardin Amberwhisky Whisky This expensive drink is made for the hardy constitutions of duardin. [2b]
Durgrund's Helfire Duardin Beer A beer mentioned by Gotrek Gurnison. [65a]
Fellmann's Neck Oil Beer A beer of some renown brewed by Fellmann. [65a]
Ferncrawle Porter Porter A beer brewed in the Ferncrawle Swamps in the Realm of Ghur. [97a]
Fire Grog Grog A variety of grog favored by Hammerhal Aqsha and its armies. [94a]
Firemalt Malt Liquor A malt liquor available in the Great Parch. [77a]
Firewine Wine A variety of wine. [33b]
Flame Ale Ale This ale brewed in the Realm of Aqshy imbues it's imbibers with incredible strength, but only briefly. [11a]
Forest Ale Ale A variety of ale once popular among Dhoraz Giant-Fell's people. [67a]
Glosheim Mead Mead Mead distilled by the people of Glosheim, before they were massacred by Elog Dampcloth. [33a]
Glowey Morkeyez Brew Fungus Brew A fungal brew made from bioluminescent shrooms known as Glowey Morkeyes. The eyes of those who imbibe the drink cloud over, as they gain the ability to see in the dark. [45b]
Glymmsforge Sweetblack Liquor A liquor created by the alcomysts of the Free City of Glymmsforge. It is a strong liquor with a salty, liquorice taste to it. [7]
Grumgar Brothers Pale Ale Duardin Ale A rare variety of ale brewed in the Skyports of the Kharadron, then sold to their trade partners such as the varied Cities of Sigmar. [2b]
Gobbapalooza Fungus Brew Fungus Brew Gobbapalooza Fungus Brew, or Hallucinogenic Fungus Brew, is a ceremonial brew that Wise-grots drink before performances. [45b]
Goldnectar Brandy Brandy A type of brandy brewed in Sigmarite Strongpoints in Verdia. [91a]
Goodstone Duardin Ale An ale preferred by Drekki Flynt. [59a]
Greenwine Wine Wine imbued with cyclestone. [77b]
Grey-ale Ale A variety of ale served throughout establishments across Greywater Fastness. [51a]
Grey Lightning Beer A potent alcohol that can induce a fuzzy-headedness in a full-grown Duardin with but a single drop or two. [47a]
Guama Alcohol This greenish-brown drink is served in the taverns of Bilgeport, a pirate city off the Taloncoast. It has a smell not too dissimilar too sewage and a taste to match. [14a]
Hammerhalian Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey from Hammerhal. [83a]
Hazkal Duardin Ale Hazkal is a type of strong duardin ale, that is fermented and brewed over the course of many wind cycles. Hazkal brewed within a Sky-port is heavily regulated by the Board of Brewmasters and harsh punishments are placed upon any guild-company that tries to sell inferior hazkal in a sky-port. [28a]
Heather Ale Ale A variety of ale flavoured with heather. [62a]
Hysh Flower Tea Tea A variety of tea brewed from dried Hysh flowers. It was popular in the city of Lament [50b]
Imaginarium Beer A strong beer that is said to be brewed from waters taken from the Polychromatic Sea, then filtered over a dozen times. Induces vivid dreams. [1a]
Jashbin Juice Juice Juice squeezed from Jashbin Fruit. [42b]
Kezraak Stout Duardin Ale A rare variety of ale brewed in the Skyports of the Kharadron, then sold to their trade partners such as the varied Cities of Sigmar. [2b]
Kvas Low-Alcohol beverage An alcoholic beverage enjoyed in some places in the Mortal Realms, such as Sigmarograd. [71a]
Lethwine Wine The Obsidian Conclave of Culghast seeks to tighten their grip on the trade of this substance [2a]
Loonshine Fungus Brew A fungal brew made from looncaps in the portable stills carried by Brewgrits, who specialize in brewing the substance and selling it at absurd prices. [45b]
Madcap Mead Fungus Brew A fungal brew made from madcap mushrooms or madcap toadstools, though any brew with madcap toadstools has the side effect of liquefying the imbiber over time. [45b]
Magmak Duardin Ale Magmak, the specialty of Toil's End in Cinderfall District, is brewed from glands harvested from firecrawlers. [92a]
Magmalt Ale Duardin Ale The fermentation process of this alcohol has made it so hot that it bubbles and barrels used to store it have ceramic plates to draw in the heat, to ensure the product does not explode. The drink is thick as syrup. It is also considered ill-advised to insult the drink in front of Fyreslayers. [1a][6a]
Metha Herbal Infusion An herbal infusion drunken by people of the Great Parch, served hot. [42a]
Monko Buk's Famous Aether Porter Ale 'A fizz of aether in every gulp' - slogan for Monko Buk's Famous Aether Porter. [100b]
Moonale Ale Moonale is a type of ale available in the Free City of Lethis [9]
Moonsbane Ale A signature brew of Moonhallow. [93a]
Mudwater Grog Liquor An alcoholic beverage served in taverns of the Veins, the infamous slums of Excelsis. [16d]
Naluewka Wine A sweet-smelling wine made by the Sylvaneth of Cueth'ene, who learned how to brew it from the Duardin of Dourfold. [8e]
Ngwymon Ale This salty, greenish ale is brewed from seaweed harvested from the offshore farms of the Idoneth. [1a]
Nochseedian Firewine Wine A ferocious liquor from Nochseed that is high prized in the Mortal Realms. [12a]
Old Oakbrow Duardin Ale A slightly bitter vintage brewed by the Rikrbal Trading Company of Greywater Fastness. [89a]
Olfsson's Reserve Duardin Ale A hardy, dark brewed by the Fyreslayers of the Varrukh lodge. Claimed to be an acquired taste that requires a few pints to fully appreciate the flavour. [65a]
Parchbreaker Ale An ale popular in the settlements born from Excelsis. [87]
Pearlwine Wine A wine enjoyed in Kalyani’s Stormkeep. [57a]
Prickle-Pear Wine Wine Wine made from prickle-pear, honeyed and spiced. [49a]
Ranklewine Wine A variety of wine favoured by members of the Order of the Fly. [31a]
Resin Ale Ale Resin ale is a local ale of Druhiel of the Pines, the hidden city. It is brewed from saps harvested from Mistral pine combined with green hops and touch of amber bee honey. [64b]
Rot-wine Wine A variety of wine favoured by members of the Order of the Fly. [31a]
Seaweed Ale Ale Ale brewed from seaweed, popular in Kranzinnport. [64a]
Skisk Fermented Dairy Product A drink made of fermented milk that was favoured by the people of Aridian and the Flamescar Plateau in the Age of Myth. It had an acidic taste to it, and could be served spiced or unspiced. [35a]
Skull Isles Arrack Arrack Arrack originating from the Skull Isles of Shyish. [76b]
Slaaneshi Soul Ale Ale A brew concocted by the Hedonites of Slaanesh. [48c]
Smogskimmer's Particular' Duardin Ale A variety of Kharadron ale. [88a]
Sparkbrew Liquor The locally favored liquor of Hammerhal Aqsha's Kindle Heights. [58a]
Star-tea Tea A variety of tea brewed from Azyrite ingredients, widely available in the the Eternal City of Azyrheim. [45a]
Sweetberry Wine Wine Wine brewed from Verdian Sweetberries mixed with Aqua Ghyranis, known to have restorative properties. [84a]
Tarlish Spike Duardin Ale A potent alcohol brewed by Fyreslayers. Used by other peoples to clean wounds and rust. [82a]
The Great Parch Beer This fungal beer is the only true Spearian brew, as it is the only locally brewed alcohol in all of Brightspear. It is brewed from fungus found in Brightspear's Undercity. [1a]
The Refresher Beer This sparkling, golden brew contains a drop of Aqua Ghyranis. The drink causes severe wind, but prevents the affects of hangovers. [1a]
Thistle Tea Tea Tea brewed from thistles. [38b]
Twin-Tailed Ale Ale Every City of Sigmar has their own local variety of Twin-Tailed Ale, made from local grains. [2b]
Thyrian Fruit Wine Wine Fruit wine originating from Thyria. [64a]
Vandium Fire Ale Ale An ale brewed in the Free City of Vandium. [78a]
Vesfire Liquor This rough liquor is brewed by the nomadic people of the Broken Plains, a continent of Aqshy. It is brewed from vesin trees and served in communal cups during negotiations. [68a]
Vin-Grape Wine Wine Wine made from fermented vin-grapes. [26a]
Wargrove March Cider Cider This cider is said to have been created and brewed by the Sylvaneth of Ghyran, though is more likely the product of a human or duardin brewer trying to profit from a good story. [1a]
Wight-as-a-Ghost Ale This pale ale can erode and steal away the mind and memories of those who partake in drinking it, far more than any normal alcohol. This is because it is brewed using the waters of Lake Lethis. However, if taken in moderation it can banish even the most traumatic memories. [1a]
Wight-Water Ale Fairly average ale made with just a splash of Wight-as-a-Ghost. This ale was served at the Festival of Memory in Brightspear one year, without Pintaar's permission, traces of lost souls possessed everyone who drank the beer, as the city was besieged by Nighthaunts at the time. The two members of staff who created the brew were later fired. [13b]
Winter Ale Ale A variety of ale drunk during winter seasons. [62c]
Zephyrwine Wine Varieties of fine wine that come from the Realm of Chamon [15b]
Zaitreci Brandy Brandy A type of brandy made in the Great Nation of Zaitrec. [96a]
Zilfin Amber Duardin Ale A hazkal brewed in Barak-Zilfin. [81]

Fruits, Nuts, Fungi, and Vegetables

Fruits, Nuts, Fungi and Vegetables of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Almond Fruit A tree whose fruit is cultivated for consumption. [15a]
Apple Fruit A type of fruit that grows on trees. In the fecund Realm of Ghyran they can grow to be the size of an infant's head. [26a]
Ash's Heather Garnish Used as a garnish by the Suku peoples. [80c]
Bloodcurrant Berry An edible berry that grows on a bush. They are typically cultivated in the summer. [26a]
Bloodfruit Fruit A gushy fruit. [73]
Celery Vegetable An edible vegetable. [63b]
Churl Fruit Fruit The fruit of Golvaria's Churl trees is encased in a thick peel. Regardless of the heat, the sweet fruit is cold beneath the peel. [2c]
Cinderfruit Fruit Cinderfruit is a fleshy, pulpy fruit with a large, hard stone-like seed in the middle. [25]
Crimson Pear Fruit A sweet fruit cultivated near the Free City of Brightspear. [27a]
Drayfruit Fruit A species of edible fruit. [85b]
Edible Lichen Alga
Edible lichens have been known to be roasted by peoples of the Realm of Ghur. [80d][80e]
Fever Cactus Plant/Cactus Fever cactus is one of the products farmed in the interior regions of the Great Parch, known to be excellent in stews. [3a]
Fireberries Fruit Aqshian berries that are sold by vendors in Hammerhal Aqsha. It has been claimed no one enjoys their taste. [41]
Fireleaf Plant The name of at least one variety of edible plant native to Realm of Aqshy. [22]
Jashbin Fruit Fruit A type of fruit that is eaten raw or squeezed into a juice for consumption. [5a][5b]
Klinkinberry Berry A sweet berry that was cultivated as a crop in the Copperback Hills before it was overrun. [66a]
Marsh-Tomato Fruit A variety of tomato cultivated in the Swamp Cantons surrounding the Free City of Greywater Fastness [34b]
Peach Fruit A tree whose fruit is cultivated for consumption. [15a]
Pomelo Fruit A species of citrus fruit. [85b]
Pom-Cluster Fruit An edible fruit that is cultivated in the winter. [26a]
Potato Tuber A root vegetable cultivated to be eaten. [2a]
Prickle-Pear Fruit A type of fruit. [49a]
Rust-apple Fruit A species of apple native to the Realm of Chamon. [26d]
Rustberry Fruit A type of berry cultivated in the Realm of Chamon. [21]
Spiked Ashroot Root Vegetable An Aqshian root vegetable cultivated. [2b]
Spoonspear Fruit A fruit found in groves in the Glacier's End region. While the skins and seeds are poisonous, the flesh is edible. [80c]
Scorchpear Fruit Scorchpears are thin-skinned pears grown in the Realm of Aqshy [18a]
Sweet Cob Plant An edible plant cultivated in the autumn. [26a]
Tangberry Berry An edible berry that grows in the Realm of Ghyran. [26a]
Thorn-Pear Fruit A type of fruit that grows on thorn-pear trees. Once popularly eaten in the city of Lament. Eaten both rare, dried, or as a juice. [50a][50b]
Thorn-willow Plant A plant used in cooking. Known to have a sweet scent. [22]
Vin-Grape Berry An edible berry that can be cultivated in summer. It is often cultivated and fermented to create wine. [26a]
Waloe Tuber A type of root vegetable cultivated in the Pale of Bodshe. [61d]
Womb Berry Berry An edible berry that grows during the summer. They are tender and have a tangy flavour. [26a]
Zpud Tuber A staple crop of the Mortal Realms that has been cultivated since the days of the Khazalid Empire to those of the Kharadron Empire. [100d]

Grains and Grasses

Grains and Grasses of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Barley Cereal A grain cultivated for consumption and brewing ale. [26c]

Bonewheat Cereal A variety of grain once cultivated in the fields around the Free City of Arbitrium. [35a]
Bulrushes Plant In Demesnus the pollen of bulrushes is used to help thicken flour for bread. [36a]
Coppergrass Cereal Coppergrass is a variety of cereal grain that grows in the Arable Heartlands of the Spiral Crux. [16c]
Corn Cereal A grain cultivated for consumption. [15a]
Corpsemaize Cereal A variety of grain once cultivated in the fields around the Free City of Arbitrium. [35a]
Embergrain Cereal A species of grain native to Aqshy cultivated for consumption. [76c]
Gloomrice Cereal A variety of grain whose unique properties result in many 'mystery meals' [22]
Green-corn Cereal A variety of grain cultivated in the Swamp-Cantons surrounding the Free City of Greywater Fastness [34a][34d]
Jadewheat Cereal A variant of wheat native to Ghyran cultivated for consumption. [15a]
Oats Cereal A grain cultivated for consumption. [38b]
Rice Cereal A grain cultivated for consumption. [2a]
Rustigo Cereal Coppergrass is a variety of cereal grain that grows in the Arable Heartlands of the Spiral Crux. [16c]
Rye Cereal A grain cultivated for consumption. [61c]
Silverwheat Cereal A variant of wheat native to Chamon cultivated for consumption. [63c]
Smoking Rye Cereal A strain of fiery rye cultivated for consumption and brewing ale. [61c]
Sweet-cane Grass A type of edible grass. [61e]
Wheat Cereal A grain cultivated for consumption. [15a]


Meals of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Apple, Roasted Fruit Roasted apples served whole. [49a]
Aqsha-cooked Ostraturducken Poultry A dish made by stuffing a chicken into a duck, which is then stuffed into a turkey. Which is finally stuffed into an ostritch. [56a]
Baked Potato Baked Food A potato that has been baked. [53a]
Boar Bacon Dish Bacon made from boars. [62c]
Battlebroth Stew Battlebroth is a hearty stew of boiling blood, marrow, and flesh that is cooked within a Great Mawpot, a prized possession of an Ogor Mawtribe. The stew is inedible to any species except for Ogors, who find themselves revitalized upon eating it. [24a]
Beer-drenched Pie Pie Pie that has been drenched in beer. [65a]
Blood Sausage Sausage A variety of sausage known for having a coppery scent. [26b]
Boiled Copperfish Fish The preferred way to prepare copperfish in the Free City of Vindicarum. [16c]
Caramelised Twinswans Poultry A dish made from twinswans. [56a]
Curried Peas Vegetable A dish that's a local favourite in the Free City of Greywater Fastness, sold at many food carts in the city. [51a]
Curried Goat Meat Curried goat stands are found on the Sky-ports of the Kharadron. Often sold as pasties. [100a]
Dumplings Dumpling A savoury dish of cooked dough, typically cooked in a pot or fried. [90b][99a]
Fiery 'Mander Stew Stew A popular dish among Ogors, especially those of the Flamescar Plateau, that comes in a plethora of regional variations. Though most commonly it is made of salamander flame-glands and crushed up fire crystals. Richer tribes are known to substitute the salamander flame-glands with flanks from Magmadroths. [52a]
Flametoad Pâté Meat Dish Pâté made from flametoad. [56a]
Fried Tubers Vegetable Dish Tubers that have been fried. [98a]
Green Sausage Sausage The Missed Striking tavern in Hammerhal Ghyra serves a supper dish comprised of green sausage and ghyrvole egg. [36b]
Gravy Sauce A sauce often cooked in a pan and paired with meat. [49a]
Gruel Porridge Gruel is a type of thin porridge. It is a primary dish served in Vindicarum, often made from coppergrass or rustigo. [16c]
Harkraken Stew Meat Stew made from Harkraken meat. [100e]

Ironquid Tentacle Seafood Carved Ironsquid tentacle is eaten by the nobility of Tor Mathlann. [8d]
Jade Arowana Skewers Skewer Skewers of cooked Jade Arowana, green fish found in the Slidecrown Lakes. [90b]
Kebab Meat Dish A type of cooked meat dish. [54a]
Kebab Stick Skewer Kebab on skewers. [54a]
Khenouine Gravy Gravy This variety of gravy is favoured among the rich and highborn of certain Cities of Sigmar, like Draconium. [42a]
Lamb Pie Pie A meat pie made from lamb. [85b]
Lime-boiled Dolphin Meat Dish A dish made by boiling dolphin in lime-water. [56a]
Meat and Vegetable Pastries Pastry A local favourite in the Free City of Greywater Fastness, sold at many food carts in the city. [51a]
Meat Pies Pie A pie with meat as a filling. [90b]
Meat Skewers Skewer A dish of cooked meat on a skewer. [90b]
Megalofin Steak Meat A steak made from the meat of Megalofins. [100c]
Porridge Porridge A dish made from boiled grains. [26c]
Quaglid Jerky Jerky Quaglid jerky is one of the products farmed in the interior regions of the Great Parch, known to be excellent in stews. [3a]
Roast Rhinox Meat Dish Roasted rhinox, often served in slices. [98a]
Rockfowl Leg Meat Oven-roasted rockfowl legs are known to be savoury. [49a]
Runti-flank, Rashers Meat Salted flank meat of a runti, often served as a breakfast food paired with fruit juice and breakfast pastries. [5b]
Runti, Fried Haunch Meat Fried haunch of a runti. [42a]
Salad of Greens and Melon Salad A salad made of green vegetables and melon. [49a]
Sandwich Bread Dish A dish wherein two slices of bread contain other food. [53a]
Squab Soup Meat Dish A soup containing the flesh of a squab. [72a]
Squig Jerky Meat Squig jerky is eaten by Orruks of the Bonesplitterz. [45a]
Stoneflour Pancake Bread A flat cake made of stoneflour. [54b]
Venison Soup Meat Dish A soup containing the flesh of a deer. [72b]

Meat and Fish

Meat and Fish of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Auroch Meat Auroch meat is often served as thick slices. Occasionally paired with gravy. [49a]
Bledrig Fish Bledrigs are fished on Lake Lethis. [4a][4a]
Capon Meat A castrated rooster reared for its meat. [61e]
Dappled Efreet Fish When badly prepared this spined fish is deadly, as any who eat it will catch fire. [3a]
Itxi Grubs Grubs These burrowing, worm-like creatures are found across the Mortal Realms in places heavily saturated with arcane power. Coalesced Slann consider them to be among their favourite delicacies. [74a]
Kraka-Tikki Grubs Grubs These grubs native to the Gnarlwood of the Realm of Ghur are devoured greedily by the Skinks of Talaxis. [75a]
Lard Animal Fats Animal fat used for cooking. [80b]
Lavamander Meat Prime cuts of Lavamander are considered to be of high quality and value. [90b]
Lyrgull Meat The roasted meat of Lyrgulls is eaten by workers and Arkanauts in Barak-Zilfin [17]
Flamehorn Meat Flamehorn sirloin is considered to be of high quality and value. [90b]
Ghyrvole Egg Eggs The Missed Striking tavern in Hammerhal Ghyra serves a supper dish comprised of green sausage and ghyrvole egg. [36b]
Hogfish Fish Hogfish is a staple of meals in the Free City of Izalend, where it is usually served spiced and smoked. [70a]
Murwhaal Meat The nobles of Tor Mathlann occasionally request fresh Murwhaal to be served to them by their Namarti cooks. [8d]
Rabbit Animal In the city of Brightspear, the business known as Crinna's Coneys farms rabbits for meat and fur. [1a]
Raga-meat Meat Pickled Raga-meat is occasionally used as provisions for military garrisons. [24a]
Reindeer Meat The meat of reindeer is often salted to preserve it. The Suku peoples, who refer to the animals as baozu, make stew using the meat of reindeer as a base ingredient. [80c]
Rock-lion Meat The haunch meat of a Rock-lion. A good sized haunch is worth a dozen barrels of Flame Ale or a batch of blades from Chamon [3b]
Salamander Meat The meat of salamanders is considered a delicacy in the Great Parch. Salamander skewers are an example of a simple dish enjoyed by Fyreslayers. [1b][73]
Shriekhawk Meat Shriekhawk gizzards are considered to be of high quality and value. [90b]
Silt-eel Animal A variety of eel. [24a]
Squig Animal Squigs are valued as a source of food and alchemical ingredients among the Skulkmobs. [45a]
Venison Meat The meat of game animals. [26a]


Spices of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Black Lime Spice A spice made from dried limes. [20b]
Chili Spice Chili peppers are known to be eaten in the Free City of Brightspear. A game known as Chili Roulette is played during that city's Festival of Memory. [13a]
Coiling Fern Spice An edible plant that is cultivated in the spring and used as a spice alongside venison. [26a]
Crisproot Spice An edible root cultivated in the spring. It is known for its spicy flavour and is often used to prepare venison. [26a]
Daggerbite Spice A spice involved in the heavy spice trade between Aqshy, Chamon, and Ghyran. [2a]
Dawnspice Spice A spice involved in the heavy spice trade between Aqshy, Chamon, and Ghyran. [2a]
Emberspice Spice A spice traded in abundance in the barter-halls of Floating Market. [16e]
Firebark Seasoning Firebark can be ground up to make a seasoning. [49a]
Gheist-chili Spice A spice involved in the heavy spice trade between Aqshy, Chamon, and Ghyran. [2a]
Ghurish Sweetpepper Spice A type of pepper originating from the Realm of Ghur. [22]
Magmadroth Glands Offal Firebellies are known to use mince the glands of Magmadroths to season their food. [24b]
Quick Spice Spice A spice popular in Hammerhal. [79a]
Rustpepper Spice A type of pepper cultivated in the Realm of Chamon. [21]