Cuisine of the Mortal Realms

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Cuisine of the Mortal Realms.

Cuisine and Agriculture in the Age of Sigmar


  • In the taverns, winesinks, bars, and pubs of the Cities of Sigmar Twin-Tailed Ale is always on the menu, though every city has their own take on this far-reaching drink. It is usually made from local grains and flitered water.[2b]
Stein of Magmalt



  • In the Realm of Azyr sky-fishing is known to be an expansive enterprise, with entire fishing fleets dedicated to the industry.[20a]




  • Aqshian delicacies, like salamander-meat, find heavy demand in the markets of the Jade Kingdoms.[2c]
  • Crops and other foodstuffs from the Garden City of Hammerhal Ghyra are transported to settlements, cities, and armies all across the Mortal Realms. In turn grubs and bugs serve as the primary sustenance for the people of the city.[16a]


  • Fishing galleys ply the waters of Shyish. They bring in hauls of edible fish, such as bledrig, which are consumed by the human denizens of Shyish, especially in coastal cities such as Lethis.[4a][4b]


The following are lists of the foods and beverages of the Mortal Realms.


Food of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Bledrig Fish Bledrigs are fished on Lake Lethis. [4a][4a]
Loaves of Bread Bread Bread has long been a staple food of many civilizations, empires, and cities. The myriad Cities of Sigmar prefer to use locally sourced grain. [1a]
Candied, Roasted nuts Sweet/Nuts A treat served at the Festival of Memory in Brightspear. They can be acquired for free, given a patron is brave enough to stick their hand in the fire and retrieve the teats. [13a]
Chilis Chilis Chili peppers are known to be eaten in the Free City of Brightspear. A game known as Chili Roulette is played during that city's Festival of Memory. [13a]
Dappled Efreet Fish When badly prepared this spined fish is deadly, as any who eat it will catch fire. [3a]
Fever Cactus Plant/Cactus Fever cactus is one of the products farmed in the interior regions of the Great Parch, known to be excellent in stews. [3a]
Jashbin Fruit Fruit A type of fruit that is eaten raw or squeezed into a juice for consumption. [5a][5b]
Lyrgull Meat Meat The roasted meat of Lyrgulls is eaten by workers and Arkanauts in Barak-Zilfin [17]
Rabbit Animal In the city of Brightspear, the business known as Crinna's Coneys farms rabbits for meat and fur. [1a]
Rashers of Runti-flank Meat Salted flank meat of a runti, often served as a breakfast food paired with fruit juice and breakfast pastries. [5b]
Rock-lion Haunch Meat The haunch meat of a Rock-lion. A good sized haunch is worth a dozen barrels of Flame Ale or a batch of blades from Chamon [3b]
Sea Salt Salt Highly prized among the tribes and hunters of Ghur as a commodity and preservative for meats. [3b]
Salamander Animal The meat of salamaders is considered a delicacy in the Great Parch [1b]
Scorchpear Fruit Scorchpears are thin-skinned pears grown in the Realm of Aqshy [18a]
Skull and Bone Shaped Candy Cinnamon-flavoured Candy These cinnamon flavoured treats are sold from carts during the Festival of Memory in Brightspear. [13a]
Quaglid Jerky Unknown Quaglid Jerky is one of the products farmed in the interior regions of the Great Parch, known to be excellent in stews. [3a]


Beverages of the Mortal Realms
Name Type Notes Source
Ar-ale Ale One of many types of ale that Kharadron transport and sell. [10a]
Ash Brandy Brandy A brandy infused with smoke. Sold at Brightspear's Festival of Memory. [13a]
Caulep Wine Wine A dark wine favored and cultivated by the Idoneth of the Green Gulch [8a]
Duardin Amberwhisky Whisky This expensive drink is made for the hardy constitutions of duardin. [2b]
Barak-Thryng Dark Ale Duardin Ale A thick, dark ale brewed in the skyport of Barak-Thryng. It is rarely, if ever, seen outside the skyports. It is brewed in accordance with ancient, closely guarded recipes. [1a]
Bugman's Brew Duardin Ale A duardin brewed ale that is a common staple across the Cities of Sigmar. [1a]
Cauldron of Blood Stout A dark, reddish brown stout favored by darkling aelves that contains a few drops of blood in every pint. [1a]
Dead Rat Walking (DRW) Unspecified This deceptively strong, spicy, and delicious brew has hints of burned toffee and red berry. [1a]
Drops of Heaven Beer Beer with a light, malty sweetness. It is brewed in Azyrheim by a religious order that fiercely guards their secrets, all that is known of their process is that the beer is purified with prayer and crystal. [1a]
Flame Ale Ale This ale brewed in the Realm of Aqshy imbues it's imbibers with incredible strength, but only briefly. [11a]
Glymmsforge Sweetblack Liquor A liquor created by the alcomysts of the Free City of Glymmsforge. It is a strong liquor with a salty, liquorice taste to it. [7]
Grumgar Brothers Pale Ale Duardin Ale A rare variety of ale brewed in the Skyports of the Kharadron, then sold to their trade partners such as the varied Cities of Sigmar. [2b]
Guama Alcohol This greenish-brown drink is served in the taverns of Bilgeport, a pirate city off the Taloncoast. It has a smell not too dissimilar too sewage and a taste to match. [14a]
Imaginarium Beer A strong beer that is said to be brewed from waters taken from the Polychromatic Sea, then filtered over a dozen times. Induces vivid dreams. [1a]
Kezraak Stout Ale A rare variety of ale brewed in the Skyports of the Kharadron, then sold to their trade partners such as the varied Cities of Sigmar [2b]
Lethwine Wine The Obsidian Conclave of Culghast seeks to tighten their grip on the trade of this substance [2a]
Magmalt Ale Duardin Ale The fermentation process of this alcohol has made it so hot that it bubbles and barrels used to store it have ceramic plates to draw in the heat, to ensure the product does not explode. The drink is thick as syrup. It is also considered ill-advised to insult the drink in front of Fyreslayers.[1a] [1a][6a]
Moonale Ale Moonale is a type of ale available in the Free City of Lethis [9]
Ngwymon Ale This salty, greenish ale is brewed from seaweed harvested from the offshore farms of the Idoneth. [1a]
Nochseedian Firewine Wine A ferocious liquor from Nochseed that is high prized in the Mortal Realms. [12a]
The Great Parch Beer This fungal beer is the only true Spearian brew, as it is the only locally brewed alcohol in all of Brightspear. It is brewed from fungus found in Brightspear's Undercity. [1a]
The Refresher Beer This sparkling, golden brew contains a drop of Aqua Ghyranis. The drink causes severe wind, but prevents the affects of hangovers. [1a]
Twin-Tailed Ale Ale Every City of Sigmar has their own local variety of Twin-Tailed Ale, made from local grains. [2b]
Wargrove March Cider Cider This cider is said to have been created and brewed by the Sylvaneth of Ghyran, though is more likely the product of a human or duardin brewer trying to profit from a good story. [1a]
Wight-as-a-Ghost Pale Ale This pale ale can erode and steal away the mind and memories of those who partake in drinking it, far more than any normal alcohol. This is because it is brewed using the waters of Lake Lethis. However, if taken in moderation it can banish even the most traumatic memories. [1a]
Wight-Water Pale Ale Fairly average ale made with just a splash of Wight-as-a-Ghost. This ale was served at the Festival of Memory in Brightspear one year, without Pintaar's permission, traces of lost souls possessed everyone who drank the beer, as the city was besieged by Nighthaunts at the time. The two members of staff who created the brew were later fired. [13b]
Zephyr-Wine Wine Varieties of fine wine that come from the Realm of Chamon [15a]