Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch

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The Crystal Labyrinth.

The Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeetch is the heart of the Dark God Tzeentch's domain in the Realm of Chaos.[1]

It is an endless, sprawling maze or labyrinth, though to call it that it is an understatement as the labyrinth itself rivals the Dominion of Khorne in size. Its shimmering brilliance is filled with corridors and bridges criss-cross through thought, time and space and it is illuminated by magical potential and energies of raw madness.[5a]


Horrors of Tzeentch constantly scuttle about and grow crystal corridors with their magics.[2a]


It is made of the same impossible substance as Tzeentch, the stuff of mind-bending, sanity-shattering contradictions. The impulsive magic of change courses through it, reordering the dimensions of the labyrinth in an endless shifting tangle of forms. Any who attempt to define it will have their sanity unravelled by it. Only the most strong-willed can navigate it as the walls of the labyrinth reflect hopes, dreams, madness and terror. Through those trapped within come to no physical harm, their mind gets damaged by it, even those favoured by Tzeentch.[5a]

It connects to the outside through countless glittering pathways. Its fractal filaments connect to the dominions of other gods, which binds them all together in a web of causality.[5a] Sometimes the Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch sends a spur into Nurgle's domain, a strange maw that spills Tzeentchian daemons with the intent of claiming portions of the realm.[2]



Some of the known Realmgates that connect to the Crystal Labyrinth are:


Daemons of Tzeentch

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The Thousand Portals was once an outer bastion of the Crystal Labyrinth, but the Seraphon had taken it and contained it within the Demi-realm known as the Halosphere.[1]