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Crypt Haunter Courtiers often lead Crypt Horros into battle.

Crypt Horrors are malformed Mordant monstrosities of the Flesh-Eater Courts created by the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings.[2][3a][3b]

Crypt Horrors are lead into battle by Crypt Haunters.[3a][3b]


Blessed by the blood of their Abhorrant masters, Crypt Horrors are created when a ghoul performs a feat grand enough to catch their liege's attention. The Abhorrant's blood, charged with necrotic magic, not only changes the Mordant's appearance but also reshapes their mind.[4a]


Their shambling forms have hideous, wiry musculature, and clawed feet and are covered in boils and scars with ruptured, tendon-exposed flesh along their spine. They fight with either clubs or their septic talons, which can easily rip through their enemies which they are eager to shove into their gaping maws. Due to the blessings of their masters, their own flesh heals quickly.[2][3a][3c]


In their delusion, Horrors often start seeing themselves as mounted knights. As elite of the court, they are blessed with praise from the lowly serfs, and 'relics', broken blades or chunks of meat, from the members of the court.[4a]


They are a rare sight, mostly seen in times when their Ghoul Courts go to war.[4a] They are led into battle by Crypt Haunters.[2][3] They often charge into the thick of the fight alongside their kings as their mobile elite. Here, their supernatural and twisted biology comes into use, each sweep of their sharp, gore-crusted claws tearing open throats. [1]


When not using their septic talons in combat, they attack their foes with Clubs.[3a][3b]



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