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Crypt Ghouls are the repugnant Mordants that serve the Flesh-Eater Courts. They seek to satisfy their dark hunger by seeking out fresh, raw meat, usually in packs, and competing with each other for every scrap of flesh. These creatures are insane and believe they are stout soldiers of a magnificent empire, and will fight even harder if they catch a glimpse of their king, eager to prove their worth to the court. They are utterly devoted to their master would brave death without hesitation and in the rare case when a ghoul does attempt to flee, it is dragged down and devoured by its kin. Crypt Ghouls are deadly in large numbers, while alone they will take time feeding often until it is sick. However when there is competition it flies into a frenzy, attacking with sharpened Teeth and filthy Claws so it can swiftly kill and devour the prey before other ghouls can snatch its prize.[1][2]

Crypt Ghast

A Crypt Ghast is the leader of these units able to wound more easily.[2]



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