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Crypt Flayers are Mordants that serve the Flesh-eater Courts that have been transformed by a concoction of Terrorgheist flesh and necromantic fluids combined with the blood of a Abhorrant Ghoul King.[1][2][3] Other version of their creating told that they are created by feeding upon the dark ichor of a Soulblight Vampire.[4] As a result Crypt Flayers grow huge and leathery wings while their claws elongate, spines burst from their backs and eyes glow stronger to pierce the dust and gloom of battle. The tainted terrorgheist flesh they have ingested grants them a small portion of the beast's power to unleash a mind-shredding shriek. Opening their mouths impossibly wide, they can let loose a chorus of chilling howls that causes their victims to be frozen in terror as the sonic assault washes over them. In their madness Crypt Flayers believe they are borne aloft by enchanted pinions, thanks to the blessings of their sovereign.[1][2][3]

Crypt Infernal

Crypt Flayers are lead into battle by Crypt Infernals.[2][3]



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