Crone Heralds

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The Crone Heralds are a cult that worships both Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God, and Morai-Heg, the Weaver of Prophecy.[1a]


The Crone Heralds claim that Morathi-Khaine is an usurper, as the rebirth of Khaine was not foretold, and go as far as to doubt her divinity and claim she is a false goddess. The order has quickly become the most fervent opposition to Morathi's rule.[1a][2]

Threats to the Crone Heralds

Scáthborn agents of Morathi-Khaine fervently hunt the Crone Heralds, viewing them as heretics, but thus far all attempts to apprehend members of the mysterious cult have failed, some resulting in the death of the Scáthborn hunters and their followers.[1a][2]


Rumors abound that the Crone Heralds have spread their accusations of Morathi's false divinity among the ranks of the Khailebron, a major sect of the Daughters of Khaine.[1b]

Known Members


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