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The mysterious, translocating castle known as the Crimson Keep is the home of the Kastelai dynasty of the Soulblight. Its lord, and patriarch of the Kastelai is Prince Vhordrai, who has been chained to the castle by the great Necromancer Nagash[1a]


The tale of the Crimson Keep originated in the darkest myths of the Shyish, a supernatural terror that seemingly randomly appears at dawn, only to be gone before the coming of a new day.

The truth is that the Crimson Keep is drawn to reservoirs of Death magic. It appears amongst the ruble and blackened ruins of fallen castles and fortresses. When bats cloud the night sky, the broken walls and stones move and change like warm wax, until they have become the crimson towers and courtyards of the Crimson Keep.[1a]

While the hosts of the Crimson Keep ride out every night to find glory and thrill in battle, they dont mindlessly slaughter all before them. A worthy opponent might be given the chance to join them. And so the Crimson Keep is home to many different cultures, and a myriad of religions. Secret altars dedicated to the most war-like Death gods can be found inside the keep.[1a]

Those members that have dwelt in the Crimson Keep for too long are cursed to share in their Lord's punishment. Should the Keep move on without them, and they become stranded in the realm, they are forced to watch themselves wither away into nothingness.[1a]


  • As punishment for his attempted betrayle at the Great Necromancer Nagash during the Battle of Black Skies, Prince Vhordrai has been chained to the Crimson Keep. Cursed to an agonizing end, should he stay from its walls for more than a day.


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