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Crelis Arul the Lady of All Flesh, mistress of Deadwalkers is a Deathlord in the service of Nagash. She is famed for her charnel gardens and their potent fragrance. [1a]


She travels atop a palanquin draped in rotting and stained finery with her features hidden behind a crudely stitched leather mask. Her eyes are flat and milk coloured, her voice is like a liquid slur and akin to her subjects she stinks of rot and decay. She is inevitably accompanied by two great dire wolves, their ribcages showing through tattered fur and their skulls bare to the moonlight. [1a]

Her bones are carved with words and sigil’s in an ancient language - she is able to peel back her own flesh to show Pharus Thaum, before allowing it to reknit together.[1b]


Following the Necroquake, she and Grand Prince Yaros were commanded by Nagash to assist Vorgen Malendrek in taking the city of Glymmsforge and the underworld of Lyria. [1a]


We would not think of doing otherwise, O Knight of Shrouds. Your nighthaunts shall spearhead the assault, and cast open the gates for those of us who must stride on solid feet. We are content to follow at our leisure and make war on your leavings.

~ Crelis Arul to Malendrek. [1b]


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