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Creel is a veteran sergeant in the Faithful Blades Freeguild regiment. [1a]


One of his legs is made from Ironoak with coins nailed into it, he is missing an eye and wears a metal breastplate and a feather in his cap. [1a]


He has spent most of his life as a soldier in the regiment, loosing an eye in a battle in the Hexwood and his leg at another in the Pale Gorge.[1a]

Sargeant Creel is friends with and an oath-brother of the Duardin Brokk, an Ironwarden of the Jadeforged Clans. [1a]


Think the enemy cares, boy? Think they give two spits why you're on your knees? No! Because they're the enemy. Stay on your feet, hold the line, trust in Sigmar. That's how we do things here.

~Sargeant Creel to Belkis .[1a]


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