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Craventhrone Guard are the elite Nighthaunt Guard of Kurdoss Valentian consisting of amoral killers that serve the Craven King both in life and in death.[1a]


In his life, Kurdoss Valentian specially chose peasants with a keen eye as well as a lack of morals to form his Guard. They were often ordered to stalk and slay specific targets whose heads would be placed before his throne. When Nagash cursed the Craven King so was the Craventhrone Guard, a fact that has caused these Nighthaunt to loathe their master.[1b]


The Craventhrone Guard are elite sharpshooters whose bolts strike down enemy champions from afar.[1a] Their spectral bolts find their target regardless of physical obstacles, manifesting with flashes of spectral energy to strike down their opponents. The Craventhrone Guard suffers from the dishonor of being the only Nighthaunts forced to obey the Craven King with the exception of being prevented from striking down their targets. Kurdoss Valentian who is denied to rule can only find satisfaction but this often results in the targets being killed by the bolts of the Craventhrone Guard moments before the mace of the Craven King crashed into them. [1b]


The Craventhrone Guard is armed with Soulhunter Crossbows which fire bolts that can ignore stone and steel[1c] but the projectiles have to be agonizingly drawn from their own essence. [1b]

Some are Standard Bearers who carry banners fluttering in an ethereal wind. [1b][1c]


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