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This page contains spoilers for: The Tainted Heart (novel)

Crautreic of Wolfmoor is the High Priest of Sigmar in the region of Droost in the Realm of Chamon. He has many titles among them are; High Priest of the Temple, Protector of the Faith, Steward of Sigmar's Glory, Stormson, Defender of the Sacred and Herald of the Azyr Gate. All save the Great Khan bow to his will.[1]

He is addressed as Holiness.[1a]


Once a powerful warrior, he is now showing many signs of age, his muscles fading and his face wrinkled and scarred. His white hair is cropped close to his head with only a few dark spots remaining.[1a]


As an infestation of Nurgle worshippers was uncovered, he consulted the Azyrian Eye and then carried out a brutal purge that even worried Bruel, local Grandmaster of the Order of Azyr.[1a]

Following the cleansing of Gharnox Kar, further visions of the augur also alerted him to the danger of the infection that had infected Esselt and when she and Talorcan returned to the Great Temple to attempt to heal her, he intercepted them. If it had not been for Esselt's father, the wizard Leukon he would have ended their tale of woe there and then. [1a]

Temporal Power

All other priests of the Pantheon of Order and lesser deities in the region bow to his authority as do the mundane authorities. He has estates in Undyr Brae that would take three days to ride across, hundreds of demigryphs and groves of gnarl-pine and stout-yew. He receives visiting nobles in grand rooms but maintains his own quarters in a simple, almost sparse manner. [1a]


I know the danger of prophecy. So too do I have faith in Sigmar. Long have I prayed to him for guidance. I have stood beneath the Great Hammer in His sanctuary and begged for it to smite me down if my fears were unfounded. I have poured over the chronicles, studying every instance when the augur was consulted. I have weighed my decision most carefully. And then I have acted.

~Crautreic to Talorcan.[1a]


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