Crackskull Great Waaagh!

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The Crackskull Great Waaagh! was a Great Waaagh! that rampaged across the Quicksilver Peaks of Allerium and destroyed the under-empire of the Skaven Clan Kreeka.[1a]


The Waaagh! took its name from its leader, the broken-headed Wurrgog Prophet Kurungfoot Crackskull.[1a]

The Fall of Clan Kreeka

While not the Waaagh!'s only victim by any means, the Verminus skaven of Clan Kreeka were notable in that all their holdings fell to the rampaging greenskins in a single day. A seemingly endless tide of green bodies flooded their warrens beneath the mountains, and at the end of it Kurungfoot led his Bonesplitterz, clad in fancy new skaven pelts, to new conquests while grots began to claim the now-empty tunnels.[1a]