Cracked Rib

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The Cracked Rib is a Ogor Gutbusters Warglutt who fought a Flesh-Eater Court in defence of Ixnia until their food supplies were destroyed. [1a]

Their Tyrant Klobb Bloodbelly drove his tribe across the Cloven Peaks until they were advised to change course by Slaughtermaster Blagga where they were confronted by Ixnia, the Ashen Fortress. They had begun the process of besieging the castle when the Freeguild came out to parly. They offered food from their plentiful supplies and the prospect of fighting (and then devouring) a Flesh-Eater Court that had been attacking Ixnia if they assisted in the fortress's defence. Klobb agreed to do so.[1a]

However during the battle, all twelve seasons worth of food was destroyed and still hungry Klobb and his Ogors turned on the garrison. [1a]




Don't much feel like waiting for my food. Why don't I just fill my belly with you lot, since you're here?

~Klobb Bloodbelly to Captain Jean Kir-Kourteler .[1a]


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