Court of the Blind King

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Court of the Blind King
Court of the Blind King cover 001.jpg
Author(s) David Guymer
Cover Artist Alexander Mokhov
Released December 2019
Pages 334
ISBN 978-1-78999 132 1

Court of the Blind King is a novel by David Guymer that tells the story of the fall and rise of Idoneth Deepkin Prince Lurien Soultaker as he seeks to reclaim the Jade Throne of the Briomdar Enclave.

Cover Description[1]

Deep beneath the oceans of Ghyran, in kingdoms forgotten by gods and time and overlooked by the ravages of Chaos, the Idoneth Deepkin endure in bitter solitude. However, the Jade Throne of Briomdar sits empty, its long isolation threatened as never before in its history. The Everqueen’s warsong awakens the forests of both land and sea and everywhere the diseased knights of Nurgle fight to the last foetid breath for the verdant Realm they claim as theirs. But, for Prince Lurien this time of peril is one ripe with opportunity. It will take every drop of wit, guile, and treachery the prince has to overcome not only the myriad foes of the Idoneth, but his fellow Deepkin as well.


This page contains spoilers for: Court of the Blind King

The story begins with vain and indolent Prince Lurien sitting on the Jade Throne, awaiting the confirmation that he has succeeded his mother as ruler of Briomdar. However, he is in for a rude surprise, as he is swiftly deposed by the Enclaves Raidlord, Vanglyr Fellglaive. He escapes with the aid of the namarti Namaríel who makes him pledge to marry her as the price for her aid.

He travels to his aunt Laramé's enclave of Elgaen, the White City where he seeks to make a name for himself and gather followers by raiding first Esurien Cape and then the dreaded fortress of Coryza, the festering domain of Karivinya the Great, a gargant champion of Nurgle. He claims many souls for Elgaen, but barely survives, and in retreating makes for the enclave of Dwy-Hor and its mad king Mahbór, seeking to build an alliance against Vanglyr.

To gain the kings favour he ventures onto the land to meet with Clan Cueth'ene of the Ironbark Glade to try to retrieve the magical spear Aeslecai, which he steals during negotiations. Finally he travels to the enclave of Guethen, seeking to persuade its warlike king, Gaelus to join him. Again he succeeds, marrying the kings daughter Gwynder but discovers to his horror that Laramé, blaming him for the death of her adopted son now has joined Vanglyr.

A final conflict sees a new, much more dangerous Lurien finally ascend to the Jade throne, one who has as his new goal, the position of High King of all the Deepkin.


There are vast oceans out there, beyond the Láthway and the Caillegaeta, other kingdoms, greater crowns even than this one. What do you think of the title high queen, my love.

~Lurien to Gwynder.