Council of Thirteen

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The Council of Thirteen are the mortal rulers of the skaven race, subject to the will of the Great Horned Rat and his Verminlords. [1a]


The Council is made up of twelve Lords of Decay with a thirteen place reserved for their god, the Great Horned Rat himself. All Great Clans have at least one seat, with the rest squabbled over by them and the Grey Seers. [1a]

In the Age of Chaos, Clans Ikk and Clans Verminus both gained four seats each which lead to a brutal and long lasted civil war that only ended with the direct intervention of the strong right claw of the Great Horned Rat, Skreech Verminking. [1b]

As the Age of Sigmar continues both Clans Pestilens and Clans Skryre grow ever more powerful and a second civil war seems inevitable. [1b]

Council Members


  • Skreech Verminking: On occasion this powerful verminlord will join the rest of the council, speaking as the avatar of the Great horned Rat. [1a]


Age of Chaos

Meeting Place

Council meetings are held at the top of the Tower of Kavzar in Blight City in a vast chamber known as the Masterburrow. Each council member has his own fortified tower from which he can sit in relative compfort and safety whilst screeching at his rivals via amplisqueaker arrays and snoutaphones. Before them is a large space where arguments can be settled by quite substantial military forces. [1a]


The current members of the council are as of the 2019 Skaven battletome. [1a]

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