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Map of the south of Cotha.

Cotha is a hard-bitten landmass located to the northwest of the Great Parch located between the Ocean of Swords and the Searing Sea.[1a]


Age of Chaos

Forces of Nurgle invade Bataar from Cotha with a vast Plague Fleet, supported by a loyal pod of great rotting cetaceans from the Bladewhale Sea.[1a]


Nearby Islands

Off the coast there is a island called the Isle of Trysts.[1a]



The island is home to the Valrhaf, descendants of fishing communities that once thrived along the coasts. Ever since Khorne's influence came to the region, the Valrhaf have become brutal followers of Chaos who wield spears of frozen blood. Worshippers of Nurgle have also created a stronghold around the Ice Maw, having entered the region through it.[2a]