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The Corvus Cabal are assassins, thieves, cut-throats and shadow stalkers whose home is on top of the mesas of the Carrion Reach in the Realm of Ulgu.[1] They hire themselves out to Chaos Lords, with their only reward being that which they can claim from the bodies of the slain.[1c]


They worship an aspect of Chaos known as the Great Gatherer who they depict as a vast prey-bird, its feathers black and perched atop a mound of stolen treasure. Archaon is seen as an avatar of the Gatherer and he will be sated with his endless wars. To gain his favour, their best killers are sent into the Bloodwind Spoil raising shrines made of their victims with offerings of looted wargear. [1a]

If on a hunt, a warrior of the Cabal must return with a suitable offering to the god or be thrown from heights of the Reach. [1a]


They have their own language of sharp cries and complex hand gestures.[1c]



The cabal favour bladed war-picks - simple and effective being able to slit throats and pierce armour as well as to slip around shields in battle. These are often festonned in trophies.[1b]


Shadow Piercer

Shadow Piercers are the murderous leaders of the Corvus Cabal, whose task it is to seek out worthy tribute for the Great Gatherer – in the from of slaughtered enemies and stolen loot.[2]

Shrike Talon

Desiring to emulate the swooping death strikes of hunting birds, Shrike Talons equip themselves with winged harnesses. Leaping from on high, they descend upon their prey in an eviscerating flurry of iron talons.[2]

Spire Stalker

Spire Stalkers are agile cutthroats whose domain is the rooftop. Leaping and climbing above the battlefield, they position themselves for the perfect ambush before striking mercilessly.[2]


Cabalists are cold-hearted murderers who fall upon their victims in a flurry of knives and war-picks, butchering their prey before stripping them of valuables and carving bloody trophies from their flesh. The spear is a popular weapon amongst Cabalists, who are skilled at striking at a heavily armoured foe’s most vulnerable points, such as the eyes or the gaps between armour plates. Some Cabalists are blessed by the Great Gatherer with a carrion-bird familiar. This cunning creature can be tasked to spy upon the enemies of the Cabal – or commanded to swoop down and pluck out their eyes.[2]



Pick clean the corpse.[a]


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