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Corsovo Volari was a soulblight vampire and Blood Knight, a former Kastelai who became king of the Broken Plains of the Realm of Aqshy. [1b]


A handsome man with pale skin, purple-black eyes, long elegantly sharpened claws and long black hair. [1c]


Corsovo was one of the Kastelai who rode out from the Crimson Keep when it appeared atop the ancient ruins of a castle near the city of Maar. They slaughtered a dozen bands of nomads who were besieging Maar, the cohort of Corsovo pursuing them into the night, killing and feeding well. However as they returned, lazy and sated, they saw the Keep vanish - most of the vampires swiftly died, tied too closely to their home but Corsovo and Vasara led them to Maar, discovering that the people saw them as saviours. [1a]

A hundred years after their arrival, the surviving Kastelai - Durrano, Jirrini, Magdalena, Nyssa Volari, and Salvera travelled to the Grey Palace after rumours that something was wrong with King Corsovo. [1b] Over the course of four weeks, he declined rapidly, first needing much more blood and then not feeding at all unless forced to do so. Two weeks into the illness, he began to physically and mentally degrade as well. [1d] Nyssa thought he was suffering from the same curse that had struck down many of the Kastelai when the Crimson Keep had phased out. [1e]

Shortly after he died, Nyssa entombed him within a glass coffin beside the tomb of Vasara. [1f]


  • Grey Palace : His home for a hundred years, he cleared much of the ruined castle, but left enough room for the Crimson Keep to return. [1a]


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