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A Corpse Cart with an Balefire Brazier.

Corpse Carts are the most vile creations of the Deathmages found amongst Deadwalker armies. It is a wagon made by rotted wood, rusted metal and diseased flesh filled with mutilated corpses and writhing body parts. These are driven by macabre shrouded figures, known as Corpsemasters, and hauled by shambling zombies.[1b][1c][2]


The Corpsemasters themselves are armed with either a wicked Goad or a cruel Lash, and some may even carry a Cryptsword that can impale the soul of their victims. The shambling zombies that drag the cart defend themselves with Rusty Blades.[1a][1b][1c]

On the back of a Corpse Cart they can be equipped with either an Unholy Lodestone or a Balefire brazier[1a]:

  • Balefire Braziers glows with sickening witch-light. These release billows of gusts of foul-smelling smoke filled with realmstone particles that makes it harder for enemy wizards to cast. Should enemy wizard be close enough to the corrupting fumes, they will choke and scream to death as they are driven to insanity.[1c]
  • Unholy Lodestones radiates a sickening aura of death that bolsters the rituals of Necromancers and other Death Wizards. It specially empowers the effects of Deathly Invocations.[1b]



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