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The Convocations of Tzeentch are the daemonic legions of Tzeentch. Each Convocation has its own favoured way of advancing Tzeentch's grand plans and competition between them is fierce.[1b]


As befits the legions of the Changer of the Ways, the exact number of Convocations is constantly in flux, though there is always a multiple of nine. As membership is based primarily on philosophy, new Convocations can arise as quickly as Lords of Change have ideas - which is very fast indeed! - and old Convocations can collapse into internecine squabbling just as quickly.[1a][1b]


The composition of a Convocation depends heavily on the desires and philosophies of its senior members, but the usual hierarchy has a Lord of Change at the very top, supported (and schemed against) by nine lieutenants - subordinate Lords of Change, Heralds of Tzeentch, or occasionally something altogether more bizarre. These lieutenants in turn command nine hosts of daemons each, and each of these hosts may in turn have subordinate hosts arranged in a similar manner to the overall Convocation. The lieutenants will usually command their hosts in battle, leaving the Convocation's overlord to focus on more important matters, but should the omens be favourable or a host's lieutenant appear to need a reminding of who is in charge, the head of the Convocation might commandeer a host to lead directly.[1b]


The Convocations compete eternally for Tzeentch's favour. Each attempts to show its superiority to the others and that its approach is the most successful at implementing Tzeentch's schemes. Given the nature of Daemons of Tzeentch, this naturally leads to elaborate schemes to tear down other Convocations' accomplishments as much as ones to build up their own. The task is made more complex by Tzeentch's ever-changing criteria and capricious whims, but the rewards for becoming one of the nine most favoured Convocations are great: A place upon the Shifting Pyramid of Yrch, the use of one of the great Fractal Fortresses that guard the outlands of the Crystal Labyrinth, and more rapid passage through the Nine Gates to be reborn if slain.[1a][1b]

As of the beginning of the Age of Sigmar, the following nine Convocations were favoured:


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