Cold Iron Anvil

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Kharadron Outpost in Cold Iron Anvil.

The Cold Iron Anvil is the northernmost landmass of the region of Chamnon known as the Spiral Crux. It was once heated by the forge of Grungni when he created the Nineteen Wonders of Chamon, including the Godwrought Isles, the original name of the Spiral Crux.[1b]


Age of Myth

Sometime after Grungni left Chamon to join the Pantheon of Order and the discovery of Chamonite on the central islands of the Godwrought Isles, the land now known as Cold Iron Anvil begins to freeze, as the Smith-God's forge grows cold. Only the strongest surviving the apocalyptic event and several landmasses break off, forming the Brittle Islands.[1b]

When the Changer of Ways takes notice of the Realm of Chamon for the first time, the prayers of change of the poverty stricken northern tribes of the Cold Iron Anvil, wishing to achieve the same fortune as their peers to the south, are among those the Dark God hears. And as his baleful gaze remains on the Crux, the whispers of daemons fill the ears of those seeking change.[1b]

Age of Chaos

Despite their prayers the tribes of Cold Iron Anvil would be just as devastated as all others during the Age of Chaos.[1b]

Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar's Tempest breaks upon the Mortal Realms, many who survived the apocalyptic Age of Chaos rally to join the armies of the Stormcast Eternals and Free Peoples. Among these are the warriors of the surviving indigenous people of Ayadah, Odrenn, Azgal, Viscid Flux, and Cold Iron Anvil. These people aid the Free Peoples of Azyr in wiping out many Tzeentchian warbands, securing Realmgates, and founding many new cities.[1b]


The people of Cold Iron Anvil have been forced to live a hard, brutal life ever since their lands froze. Turning to hunting great white bears for their furs, which are needed to survive the harsh climes.[1b]