Coiling Ones

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Coiling Ones the daemonic patrons venerated and worshiped by the warrior cult known as the Splintered Fang.[1a] The Coiling Ones claim to be the children of Great Nagendra, one of the animalistic gods worshiped by the nomadic ancestors of the Splintered Fang.[1d]


The ancestors of the Splintered Fang were nomadic peoples of Invidia who practiced a totemic religion of animalistic deities, one of their gods was the Godbeast Nagendra. Over several centuries the corruptive influence of Chaos transformed their religion into something darker and more vile, and eventually the Coiling Ones, daemonic entities, convinced the shamans of what is now the Splintered Fang that they were the children of Nagendra.[1a][1d]

The Coiling Ones convinced their followers to destroy the other tribes that once venerated the Invidian Pantheon. The Splintered Fang now venerate and worship the Coiling Ones, doing as the creatures demand in hopes of reviving Nagendra. The demands of the Coiling Ones are as dark and twisted as any daemon, as they demand their followers bring forth a constant offering of souls, claiming this was the onlky way to awaken Nagendra.[1d]


The brewing of toxins and poisons are part of the ritualistic rites of the Splintered Fang and it is always overseen by the shamans of the tribes and warbands that make up the cult. Blood rituals performed by this cult empower Chaos, as all forms of fervent belief empower the gods, and serve to enhance their already potent poisons.[1a]

The poisons used to coat the blades of the Splintered Fang, are considered gifts from the Coiling Ones.[1b]

Serpentine idols are erected in the lands of the Eightpoints claimed by warbands of the Splintered Fang, each of them mea nt to venerate their daemonic patrons.[1b]

Warbands that once guarded the temples of the Coiling Ones, appear to be referred to as 'Ophidian Guard.[1d]


  • They are only rarely referred to as daemons, more often distinguished as patrons and daemonic entities.


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