Code of the Skies (novella)

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Code of the Skies
Code of the Skies cover 001.jpg
Author(s) Graeme Lyon
Cover Artist Rafael Teruel
Released 2019

Code of the Skies is a novella by Graeme Lyon. It describes the adventures of Admiral Borri Kraglan as she quests for the lost Kharadron Overlords Sky-port of Barak-Zhoff. [1]


This page contains spoilers for: Code of the Skies (novella)

After clearing the Thrice-Forged Fastness of a Champion of Khorne and his warriors, Orrum Steelfist discovers a strange artfact for which her Admiral offers a generous bargin. Revealing its secrets may lead to the lost Sky-port but its a dangerous path for Admiral Kraglan and her crews when even fellow Admirals of her home port of Barak-Nar may turn against her and old grudges resurface.[1]


Code of the Skies is Book 6 in Novella Series 2.