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A Black Coach, a form of transportation favored by the Dead.

Coaches are large carriages that are pulled by beasts of burden, such as demigryphs, horses, or gnarlkyd, that are kept in line by a coachman. Though they are far from the safest means of traversing the dangerous land routes of the Mortal Realms they remain popular, especially among merchants and the nobility.[1a][2a][2b][3a]


A typical coach is a large carriage with four wheels designed to be pulled by a team of two or more animals. They are equipped with a large enclosed compartment meant to fit many passengers. Wood and metal are the most common materials used in their construction. These vehicles are typically ostentatious in design with ornate features such as carvings, heraldry, padded benches, internal lanterns, spacious passenger compartments, and foldable wooden steps attached to the doors being common features.[1a][2a][2b][3a]

Armoured Coaches

Coaches, even well-defended ones, are not always up to the task of protecting their passengers from the dangers of the Mortal Realms. In an attempt to alleviate this, there are stubborn merchants who have created armoured coaches.[1a]

However, even these defences do little to deter some threats found in the Realms, such as the Nighthaunt Processions. So there are merchants who will go so far as to bedeck their coaches in Realmstone. Few onlookers are sure if this is a stroke of genius or stupidity.[1a]

Public Transport

In most major Cities of Sigmar there are services and individuals who rent out coaches for public use. A rough estimate of the costs, during the Arcanum Optimar, to rent a coach was ten drops to travel from one part of a city to another whereas travelling between settlements would often cost a traveller five-hundred drops. An armoured coach would often cost an additional five hundred drops.[1a]

Private Ownership

In contrast, buying a coach for private use in a major City of Sigmar during the Arcanum Optimar could cost an average of a thousand two-hundred drops of Aqua Ghyranis, not counting the price of horses and modifications, while an armoured coach sold for three-thousand five-hundred drops.[1a]

Coaching Inns

Coaching inns, or coach houses, are specialized inns that offer space to house coaches and the beasts that pull them. While these are typically for public use, for a fee, there are those maintained solely for the use of private entities, such as the business conglomerates of Greywater Fastness.[5a][6a]

Coach Animals

Those animals used to pull coaches include:

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