Clawing Sea

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The Clawing Sea, northeast of Thondia.

The Clawing Sea is a deadly body of water northeast of Thondia, beyond the Coast of Tusks and the Icefangs.[1a]

Sea Predators

The Clawing Sea a deadly passage for any ship due to the countless hungry creatures that live within it — sea serpents that can crush a Wolfship in their coils and ghyresharks so big they can swallow five sailors in a single gulp. Leviadons merely hunt for seaweed along the Coast of Tusks, but they are so ill-tempered they will ram a ship to splinters simply for disturbing their repast. In the colder waters closer to the Icefangs, there are vast Kraken in the depths which frequently rise with fierce storms to trawl the surface with their many tentacles.[1a]


The fleets of the Scourge Privateers have dominated the surface of the Clawing Sea for generations. They take Sigmar’s coin and drops, destroying enemy ships while hunting some of the monsters of the deep for sport and profit, but many now assert that it’s time to return to reaving again with the rise of Morathi-Khaine. Of all the monstrous dangers of the Clawing Sea, one of the worst along the Coast of Tusks is the Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant Gurnog Shark-caster. Clever enough to see the value in not over-fishing his territory, Gurnog is raking in a fortune by randomly extorting passing ships, but then frequently actually letting them go if they pay his exorbitant fees. Those that fail to pay, and those he decides to eat on a whim, don’t live to tell the tale. Gurnog moves along the coast randomly, always settling his lair in hidden inlets, making him exceedingly difficult to track.[1a]