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Clan Moulder 01.png
A Master Moulder.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Skaventide
Main grouping Skaven Clan
Core resources Warpstone
Races Rat Ogor
Mounts Brood Horror
Creatures Giant Rat
Hell Pit Abomination
Wolf Rat
Scenery Skaven Gnawhole

The Clans Moulder are the beastshapers and makers of the Skaven race, who even in that twisted cruel race, have a well deserved dark reputation. Like their rivals of the Clans Skryre they are on the bleeding edge of technology but instead of insane machines they create monsters mixing warpstone, arcane sorcery, weird alchemy and brutal surgery. Best known for their packs of Rat Ogors and Giant Rats they also field rat-lizard hybrids and fanged wolfrats as well as greater flesh-hulks such as Hell Pit Abominations.[1]


The Clans Moulder are able to create gnawholes through gigantic but blind abominations that burrow through the void. [2c]


Age of Myth

The first skaven emerge into the Mortal Realms, and the first Great Clans are created, one of which is Moulder. It, like all the other Great Clans, claims it has created Blight City. [2a]

Age of Chaos

Things-twister Rukhtik is one of the Lords of Decay that is turned into slime by Skreech Verminking to end the first great civil war. [2c]

War rages between Clan Ghrubbitus and the Kharzmid Fyreslayer lodge.[2d]

Age of Sigmar

Things Master Snitterskritch gathers a million skaven strong horde to invade the Realm of Shyish through gnawhole but instead it breaches at the bottom of the Kaptar Sea, drowning all the skaven and unleashing millions of undead into Blight City.[2d]

The few periods of Clans Moulder dominance of the Council of Thirteen have left scars on the skaven racial psyche for the atrocities inflicted by their deranged flesh crafters and few would see them gain such power again. [2b]


Name Great Clan Territory Status Description Source
Dregg Moulder Active Famed for its huge number of beasts, holding important contracts with clans in Verminus and Skryre. Battletome: Skaven (2019) - The Clans Moulder, pg. 28
Ghrubbitus Moulder Active In the Age of Chaos they engaged in a prolonged war with the Kharzmid Fyreslayer lodge. Battletome: Skaven (2019) - Rise of the Under-Empire, pg. 18-21
Snirk Moulder Realm of Shyish Active A clan from the Realm of Shyish. Battletome: Skaven (2019) - The Clans Moulder, pg. 28
Threbb Moulder Realm of Ghyran Active Their Master Moulder Scruntclaw was part of the assault on Mausol. Battletome: Skaven (2019) - Skaven Clans, pg. 23
Battletome: Skaven (2019) - The Clans Moulder, pg. 28


The Skaven of the Clans Moulder worship the Great Horned Rat as the Writhing BloodSire. [2a]


Release the Abomination, quick-quick. Better it feast on them than us, yes?

~ Master Moulder Skurritch during the Siege of Rancid Pit.[1]

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