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This page contains spoilers for: Blacktalon: First Mark (novel)

Clan Thyrghael are Sylvaneth and part of Dreadwood Glade that inhabit the ancient Forest of Ghosts in the Jade Kingdom of Verdantia in the Realm of Ghyran. [1]


Lord Ungholghott, Exalted champion of Nurgle invaded the kingdom with his legions of rotbringers and flesh crafted monsters and although the sylvaneth were not his primary prey, steadily he picked at and eroded their enclave. [1b]

When Ungholghott slaughtered a local human tribe, a single child was saved by the Clan, one who had been foreseen was the doom of Ungholghott. she is trained, melded and enhance by Wytha and her sylvaneth until she leads an assault on the vast fortress of the Nurgle lord, but he and his armies prove too strong and she and her companions fall in battle. [1b]

A warband led by Ithary saved the Knight-Venator Tarion from rotbringers in the ruins of Highcrater Watch and bid him send a message to Neave Blacktalon to come to the clan and have the truth of her visions revealed.[1a] When Neave and her companion were chased into their lands by a huge force of skaven, Wytha sent a large force of her Sylvaneth to save them.[1b]

By force of arms the clan had gained an ancient weapon from the Age of Myth that would enable it, if used at the heart of the domain of Ungholghott to destroy him and his foul workings forever. It only required that Neave fulfil her destiny and help them fight their way there. [1b] A small army of over five hundred sylvaneth were gathered to assault the living fortress of the champion of Nurgle, but he had his own spies secreted even at the heat of the enclave and prepared for their arrival. [1b] Most of the army perished in the ensuing battle, and it was only thanks to the assistance of the Shadowhammers Warrior chamber that they were able to accomplish their mission. [1e]

Known members of the Clan


Many long, bitter years of the Withering War. We have fought girl. Fought and died, generation upon generation, and always fewer lamentri recovered from the bodies of our fallen, always fewer sylvaneth souls returned to the soulpod groves. For our part, we have used every trick of guerrilla warfare and subterfuge we know.

~ Wytha to Neave.[1b]


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