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Clan Stryk is one of the many skaven clans in the Clans Eshin. [1b]


It is thought that Clan Stryk is one of the largest and most powerful of the Eshin clans, with a Master on the Council of Thirteen but this itself may be a ruse. [1b]


Clan Slyk participated in the battle for Mausol.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

Clan Stryk came into conflict with Clan Skrabb over the ruins of duardin karak, though they seemingly flee from their foes. However, days after their flight the Realmgate atop the mountain the karak is in opens and a force of Astral Templars pours forth and slaughters Clan Skrabb. Those few who survived are captured and enslaved by Stryk agents.[1d]


Unlike their apparent rivals in Clan Scurrie, they prefer poison for their kills, their target never knowing who has killed them.[1b]


It is thought they favour black and purple garb.[1d]


The clan uses a secret language that even the Masterclan has failed to decipher. [1b]



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