Clan Mekkrit

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Clan Mekkrit is one of the many skaven Clans Verminus.[1]


Clan Mekkrit was hired by Clan Krank to raid the workshops of Vulkus Mont to bring back the engineers and its contents back to Blight City. Clawlord Rikkit was responsible for fulfilling this deal. While excavating a Gnawhole that should lead to the workshops, it instead lead to a Stormvault, an accident caused by the recent sorcerous upheaval caused by Nagash's Necroquake. After punishing the Clanrat overseer, Rikkit and his Skaven explored the Stormvaults for some time and were assaulted by a predatory phantasm, that was neither living nor dead.[1]


  • Rikkit: Clawlord that found himself on a Stormvault after a Gnawhole was accidentally opened into it.[1]


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