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Clan Halgrimm are a clan of Duardin who reside in the Realm of Metal. Their karak was carved into the side of the Shuddering Mountains of Chamon.[1a]


Their forces are divided into regiments. The regimental forces of the Halgrimm march in orderly blocks, usually with the blocks marching in a large column. Clan banners are held aloft at the head of each regiment. They employ drummers during long marches.[1a]

The army of the clan travel with large, armored wagons. These could carry healers, supplies, and weapons; and at least one served as the mobile forge of Borrikh Gnarlhelm.[1a]


The Duardin of Clan Halgrimm traditionally have their criminals tried and sentenced by the clan's Grudgekeepers and it is considered unorthodox and dishonourable for a member of the ruling family to take the law into their own hands. Even to avenge the death of the king.[1a]

They use a strange, insectoid type of bovine known as dobkine as beasts of burden.[1a]


  • Lightsdawn: This Azyrite settlement was raised in the unnamed wastes near the karak of Clan Halgrimm. It eked out a meager existence, surviving on underground springs, carefully managed crop caverns, and their alliance with Clan Halgrimm. The duardin of Clan Halgrimm built a cavern-barracks beneath the town and would often use it as a place of rest. Xelkyn Xerkanos had a cell of cultists in this town, but they were slain by the Slaaneshi cultists of the Sixth Torment, a cult seeking to take Xelkyn's blood[1a]

Notable Members

  • King Halgrimm: The ruler of their clan and karak. Slain by Xelkyn Xerkanos, a Tzeentchian sorcerer.[1a]
  • Thane Halgrimmsson: The son of King Halgrimm. He and the survivors of his father's army captured and attempted to transport the sorcerer Xelkyn back to their karak for execution. After grueling negotiations he agreed to allow Neave Blacktalon serve as executioner. Though in the end the sorcerer escaped and Halgrimmsson is assumed dead.[1a]
  • Runesmith Borrikh Gnarlhelm: A runesmith of the clan who was with Halgrim's army.[1a]


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