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Chrysaor is a Lord of Slaanesh known to his victims as the Wanton. He had skin of cracked alabaster beneath the dark plate of his armor and albino white lips. He is blind, his eyes are glazed in blood red, but he can still sense his surrounding through a great pair of ribbed horns that grew from his temple on the day he lost his sight. He could build a sensory picture of everything around him, down to the thousand and one betrayals he could feel in the bodies of his victim, like their breathing or their heartbeats, not just nearby but also from leagues away. He took great joys from the sensations his victims suffered through. He used an hellforged glaive to slaughter his victims into ribbons. The cursed vapours of his steed often drugged his victims into willing participants of their own misery.[1]

He fought and slaughtered the Ashqanti-Bas nomads. He encounters the Stormcast Eternals while ravaging the Plinth.[1]