Chronomantic Cogs

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The Chronomantic Cogs is an endless spell of the magic of Azyr that appears as a series of meteoric gears placed in perfect order. The rotation of which controls the passage of time, allowing wizards to speed or slow the events that are unfolding around them.[1][2]


A wizard can draw on the magic of Azyr to conjure a manifestation of the very workings of the realmspheres.[1]


Each component of the Chronomantic Cogs is a thing of stately beauty, resolute and austere, The perfect workings of the Chronomantic Cogs show the passing of seconds and aeons alike, turning effortlessly with the rhythm of the heavens. Its toothed wheels revolve steadily around hidden axles, the smaller wheel moving the fastest, the metal shinning with the glimpses of sunsets and sunrises. The larger ones are slower, and in it's facets one can see images of forests growing, civilisations developing and lives from start to their end, dragging the whole mechanism with the weight of aeons, allowing the most perceptive to see visions cast as these wheel turn in and out of being. Together they form a complex mechanism through which the procession of time can be accelerated or brought to a grinding crawl.[1][2]

By manipulating the cogs, those practised in the arcane arts can speed up time around them, allowing warriors to quickly close with their enemies or slow time's passage to avoid incoming blows and provide themselves with plenty of time to cast further spells.[1][2]