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A Chorrileum is a living coral reef in an Idoneth Enclave that holds the souls of deceased Idoneth Deepkin. Each of the Idoneth Enclaves contains at least one chorrileum, and these soul-reefs are among the most heavily guarded areas of an Idoneth settlement.[1a]


The Isharann Soul Wardens watch over the chorrileums and tend to the souls housed within them, while the Isharann Soulrenders are responsible for collecting the souls of dead Idoneth and housing them within the reef.[1b]


Though disturbing the souls of a chorrileum is not done lightly, sometimes the leaders of the Idoneth see no other recourse. If the Isharann can rouse some of a chorrileum's slumbering inhabitants and gather a small portion of each roused soul's spirit, they can coax these spirit-fragments to form the gestalt consciousness of an Eidolon of Mathlann, a powerful spirit-warrior that instinctively protects Idoneth and attacks their enemies. Once the need for the Eidolon has passed, the spirits return to the chorrileum - but if an Eidolon's physical form is shattered, the soul-energies disperse, and the Soulrenders must work quickly to collect them before they are lost forever.[1a]

The presence of so many souls affects even the portions of the spiritually sensitive reef that does not hold souls. Rarely, empty branches of coral are pruned and carved into rings that grant some of the wisdom accumulated in the bones of the chorrileum to their wearers.[1c]


A chorrileum is among the most important locations in an enclave, and the Idoneth defend it fiercely. It is also one of the most tempting targets for magically sensitive thieves; even those without witch-sight can tell that the coral contains some sort of spiritual power. Should some thief manage to make off with a piece of one - even a piece of a shattered chorrileum of a destroyed enclave - they can expect no respite from Idoneth pursuit.[2]