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The Underworld of Chitinia is one of the many afterlives that comprise the Realm of Shyish. It once served as the afterlife for a culture that saw insects as symbols of industriousness. Though the spirits of that people are long gone and the region has become the dominion of the Skulbugz.[1a]


Chitinia is comprised of mangrove forests and dank heathlands that support a robust collection of insect species, once worshipped by the spirits who originally inhabited the swampy afterlife. Many of these insects, such as megapedes and morkskeeters, are known to swell to titanic size in the swamps of Chitinia.[1a]



The original spirits which the Underworld of Chitinia formed around are long gone, replaced by an Kruleboz Orruk Warclan known as the Skulbugz. For their part the Skulbugz revere the insects of the swamps in their own ways and centre their way of life around them. They tattoo the skull-like markings seen on the bugs onto their own heads, sleep in nests alongside many-legged bugs,harvest them for poisons, and some even attempt to ride Rhinox Beetles into battle.[1a]