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Chernavar is the Pirate Lord that commands the wraith fleet known as the Sepulchral Armada. He has plagued the Charrwind Coast both in life and in undeath.[1a]


Age of Myth

In ancient times Admiral Chernavar plagued the kingdom that once dominated the seas bordering the Charrwind Coast, until he was finally captured and executed.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

His souls would eventually be claimed by Nagash who transformed the pirate into a Nighthaunt and placed him in control of the Sepulchral Armada. Chernavar then set his eyes on the Free City of Anvilgard, believing the simplest avenue to conquer the city was to terrorise the people of the Charrwind Coast and savage their fleets before leading a full invasion of the city. During the lead up to his invasion he bolsters his ranks with the dead of shipwrecks, the energies of the Necroquake preventing them from going to their afterlifes in the Realm of Shyish.[1a]

Eventually, a band of Soulbound discover that repairing the Occulum Ignus, an ancient lighthouse, will allow the unquiet spirits of shipwrecked sailors to return to Shyish, though sources conflict on how they managed to restore the lighthouse and banish Chernavar.[1a]


Chernavar was revived in the wake of the Necroquake becoming a Chainrasp Dreadwarden.[1a]


Commanding from his flagship, a long dhow known as the Ebon Cetus, the dreaded admiral is armed with a deadly trident and a brace of Hexlock Pistols.[1a]