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A miniature of a Chaos Warshrine.

Chaos Warshrines are colossal effigies built and used by the Slaves to Darkness to draw the eyes and call down the blessings of the Dark Gods. These shrines are carried by Shrine Bearers mutants, while the rituals atop of it are performed by Shrine Keepers and Shrinemasters.[1][2a][2b]

These are the physical testaments to the power of the Dark Gods and tributes to the glory of their Dark Pantheon. They are massive platforms all varied in construction but resplendent and baroque. They are often covered in braziers flickering with dark flame and twisted daemonic faces wrought from bronze, or stranger yet materials.[1][2a]


Above the blood-slicked altar itself is a grand sigil of the eight-pointed star - and it is through this portal that the energies of the Realm of Chaos are channelled by the Warshrine's keeper.[1]

As the Shrinemaster leads the dark rituals, the Warshrine becomes a lodestone of dark energy. Glowing with an unnatural light, the sigils offer a degree of protection to the devoted in its presence. When the Shrinemaster utters the darkest of invocations, however, the true power of the gods becomes manifest, granting even the undevoted of that particular patron a portion of their power. The truly dedicated are granted power even magnitudes above that, their loyalty duly rewarded.[1]

The mere presence of this shrine can provide nearby Slaves with divine protection, turning aside attacks with the fell powers of chaos.[2a][2b]

The Shrinemasters know various prayers and ritual, from requesting various Favours of the Ruinous Powers individually, like the Favour of Khorne, Favour of Nurgle, Favour of Tzeentch, Favour of Slaanesh, or as an whole through the Favour of Chaos.[2a][2b]


A pair of Shrine Bearers carry these shrines on their back and defend it with their clubbed and flailing fists.[2a][2b]

Should it come to it, the Shrinemaster can defend itself with a Sacrificial Blade.[2a][2b]

Mark of Chaos

Whether it is ordained with the symbol of one of the Ruinous Powers – more common in Godtouched warbands – or left as an icon of unaligned Chaos in all its majesty, warriors of the Slaves to Darkness rally to a Warshrine as a symbol of their god's supremacy.[1]

Chaos Warshrines can have the following Marks of Chaos:



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