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Chaos Sorcerer Lords are the oracles and seers of the Slaves to Darkness. They manipulate and twist the raw energies of Chaos, flensing a man's soul and infusing his flesh with daemonic power uttering but a single incantation. Due to their close connection to the Dark Gods, they often hold high positions within a tribe, as it is they who can best divine their true intentions. A commonly held superstition is that killing such a warlock is bad luck - although this does not stop cocky champions from trying. [1]

Whilst most Sorcerers are less physically imposing, this does not mean they are any less capable of defending themselves - they can unleash bolts of warpfire, twist their opponents form into myriad new and unsettling shape, and even predict impending betrayal. Due to this, a Sorcerer Lord is often the most deprived of the Dark God's servants - to keep and extend this power they will commit any unspeakable act, make any ritual sacrifice and bargain with the daemonic, inevitably slipping further into insanity and mutation. [1]


To redress their perceived physical frailties, a Chaos Sorcerer Lord will often seek to even the balance through enslaving a Manticore to their will. Unlike Chaos Lords, sorcerers do not break the beasts through force alone - they employ spells of binding and mental domination to enthral the beasts and force them to submit to their will. This does not always work - and more than one warlock has met a grizzly end after attempting to force servitude onto a particularly stubborn Manticore, or letting their magical control slip. Yet the risk is well worth the reward for many, as those who manage to successfully bind such a creature find themselves with a mount that responds almost instantly to their every whim, furiously tearing the foe apart while the Sorcerer Lord is free to work their magic unimpeded. [1]



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