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Chaos Maurauder Horsemen are Chaos Marauders who are mounted upon Horses. [1]

Units of Marauder Horsemen are led into battle by Horsemasters, supported by Hornblowers and Icon Bearers.[2a][2b]


Many of these outriders hail from the horse-tribes that assail the wastes of the Mortal Realms.[2a]


Due to the speed of their mounts, Marauder Horsemen pride themselves on being the first warriors of the Horde to sink their blades into the flesh of the enemy and, as such, are often seen riding at the vanguard of Chaos hosts.[1][2a][2b]

Marauder Horsemen are masters of the feigned flight and hit-and-run attack. In addition, they are some of the few Slaves to Darkness that bring missile weaponry to battle, throwing stout javelins as they charge into the fray.[1][2a][2b]


Many a Slaves to Darkness tribe greatly revere equine creatures - for the hardy beasts are perfect for crossing vast wilderness and running down fleeing prey. Ownership of such ill-tempered Chaos Steeds is in turn considered to be a status symbol, with the warriors mounted upon them being some of the most feared light cavalries in the Realms - as unlike the mounts ridden by the Chaos Knight, they are bred for endurance and speed rather than strength.[1][2a][2b]


These outriders are greatly skilled with Barbarian Axes, Barbarian Flails and Marauder Javelins. These are often paired with a Darkwood Shield that, despite their crude appearance, provides good defence against most attacks.[2a][2b]

Icon Bearers either carry a Damned Icon or a Tribal Banner into battle.[2a]

Mark of Chaos

Horsemen warbands tend to worship the aspects of the Ruinous Powers as bloodthirsty hunter-lords, winged seraphim of inevitable death, and other such preening deities of the perfect kill. The rituals to please these beings commonly revolve around celebrating the moment death is delivered, and often a Horseman's steed joins the rite by trampling a captive under iron-shod hooves.[1]

Despite their tactics, their devotion to the gods cannot be denied. When battle is joined they will charge into the fray as eagerly as any of their fellow warbands, howling praises and oaths as they ride down non-believers.[1][2b]

Chaos Marauders Horseman can have the following Marks of Chaos:



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