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Daemons are a type of creatures that come from the Realm of Chaos. They are unnatural beings and the hellish spawn of the Dark Gods. Most serve the Gods of Chaos, they only exist to corrupt and destroy.[1a][6]

List of Daemons


A daemon is more than its form. It is sorcery itself, hammered and shaped by the summoner's mind. Those drawn into these realms by mortal hands take on something of their master – a bond of memory binds them together. And in that bond are the seeds of intent and cause.

~Grungni .[4]


  • In the early versions of Monstrous Arcanum compendium by Forgeworld, the Incarnate Elementals had the Daemon keyword, but in later revisions it was removed.[3]
  • During the 1st edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar all Seraphon, with the exception of the Slann had the Daemon Keyword representing the fact that they were beings of order whose minds and bodies are made of Azyrite energy. With the release of the 2nd Edition Battletome, Seraphon were retconned as to being creatures of flesh.[2][6]