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Chaos Chosen are Chaos Warriors who had pleased the gods and survived many battles. Held in awe by fellow Slaves to Darkness, each Chosen stands as an exemplar amongst the armies of Chaos. While Chosen warbands are amongst the most deadly elements of a Horde they are often limited in number but many Despoiler Hordes contain considerable numbers of Chosen to better serve the ruling Daemon Prince’s will.[1]

Typically, they take to the field wherever the fighting is thickest, inspiring other Slaves to Darkness through sheer violence they unleash upon the battlefield. As the Chosen slaughter the foe, those servants of Chaos around them fight all the harder, each seeking to draw similar godly attention onto themselves. Under the leadership of the Exalted Champions, warriors who are only a step away from having several warbands under their command the Chosen fearlessly enter battle against any foe, axes swinging in great crimson arcs as they howl praise to the watching gods.[1]


Chaos Chosen wield cursed Soul-splitter blades, heavy two-handed axes that can cleave a fully armoured warrior in twain and has the power to sever a foe’s animus from their body. In addition Warbands will be accompanied by Icon Bearers and Skull Drummers.[1][2]


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