Chaos Alliance Armoury

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Name Description Notes
Daemon Weapon A weapon possessed by the spirit of a bound daemon, that lashes out with magical fury. The daemon is furious at its imprisonment.
Chaos Runeblade A blade marked with runes of damnation that allow its wielder to strike multiple times.
Beguiling Gem A rough-hewn gemstone that glows with unnatural light. It draws attention, dulls the wits and mesmerises into immobility those nearby.
Chaos Talisman An talisman that carries some of the dark power of a chaos god. It occasionally protects its bearer from harm, depending on the whims of the gods.
Favour of the Gods A mark or mutation that strengthens the favoured followers of the chaos god with their energy.
Crown of Conquest An eight-pointed crown that shows the wearers total devotion to the gods of chaos. The followers of chaos are filled with frenzied bravado at the sight of the champion wearing this crown.

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