Chamonite teakwood

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Chamonite teakwood is a type of teakwood tree that grows in the Realm of Chamon.[1a]


Due to the nature of the Realm of Chamon, much of the native flora and fauna within which is metallic in nature, wood from trees of the Chamonite teakwood are seen as prized for lacking the metallic traits many other trees of the Realm are known for.[1a]


The value placed on Chamonite teakwood has seen it used to create a number of currencies, such as being worked into coins, used in places such as the Free City of Ravensbach within the Realm of Chamon.[1a]

Another form of Teakwood currency comes in the form of shards. These shards are accepted as legal tender in places outside of the Realm of Metal, such as the settlements found across the Rocanian Coast of Thyria in the Everspring Swathe.[2a]