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Chamonite of Chamon

Most commonly referred as Chamonite, but also know to have other names like Wyrdgold, Transmutational Gold or Changestone, is the Realmstone of Chamon.[1][2a]


Chamonite has a soft, malleable and metallic appearance very similar to quicksilver but does not flow or pool and instead will will morph into a floating globular shape. It can be molded like clay but will return to its original shape and when divided separate spheres would form which would merge easily when united. It takes the shape of whatever container it is placed in but returns to its globular shape when enough space is given. [1][2a][3a]


This realmstone has near-limitless alchemical potential, mutable properties and the notorious ability to ignore gravity. It also greatly empowers the change-magic Tzeentchians thus Arcanite Cults search the Realm of Metal for it, Tzaangors stalking the wilds, while Kairic Acolytes search the cities.[1][2a][3a]

Chamonite is most common in sub-realms that are closer to the realmsphere’s edges and during transfiguring storms any creature, object, or terrain caught has a chance of melting into Chamonite. Chamonite also occurs when powerful alchemical accidents initiate an objects transfiguration but fail to complete it.[3a]


Chamonite is commonly alloyed into other metals giving them properties such as flexibility or the ability to reconfigure or switch forms. Chamonite gilding can create weapons that penetrate plate armour by flowing through its gaps, while chamonite armour could harden when under force only to lighten when agility is needed. Chamonite is also an ingredient in potions that could give the drinker metal skin, cure poison by alchemising poisons into harmless substances or permanently change the drinker’s physical features. Using catalysts Chamonite can take new forms that are no longer recognizable as realmstone. Some Aether-Khemists of the Kharadron Overlords even believe that the aether-gold is a form of chamonite. The forces of Chaos, the Arcanites of Tzeentch in particular use Chamonite to fuel profane rituals of change and curse entire continents with endless mutations in honour of Tzeentch.[3a]

Chamonite is dangerously unpredictable and exposure to the realstone makes individuals temperamental and unreliable who would eventually begin to seek change for change’s sake leading them down a path that leads to the corruption of Tzeentch. Pure uncorrupted Chamonite does not cause extreme mutation like warpstone and varanite, but instead cause more subtle changes such as appearance or voice but quite rapidly to the point a bearer of chamonite could become unrecognizable by the hour. Lifelong bonds could dissolve in an instant while new bonds can suddenly form with complete strangers. The tendency of Aether-gold to induce paranoia on those that contacts the material on their skin is also seen a sign of its relation to Chamonite. Chamonite itself can change under the subtlest alchemical pressure, what used to work for years in a machine can suddenly alter its behaviour and properties under natural storms or fluxes of magic. However in most cases this is due to deliberate sabotage by servants of Tzeentch.[3a]


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