Hunters of Huanchi

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Hunters of Huanchi (right) advancing upon cultists of the Jade Obelisk (left).

Hunters of Huanchi are warbands of Chameleon Skinks who act as the assassins, snipers, and general agents of subterfuge for the Seraphon armies. The first thing an enemy knows of the Hunters of Huanchi's presence is when a flurry of darts stick into their flesh. These skinks are infamous for their ability to blend their physical bodies with the stuff of shadow and vanish from mortal sight. There are many theories as to how this ability to blend their physical bodies with the stuff of shadow and vanish from sight. There are many theoires as to how this ability came about, from temple-vessels that drifted close to the penumbral moons of Ulgu to spawning pools blessed by the breath of Huanchi, god of the hunt.[2a]


The unique abilities of the Chameleon Skinks are put to various uses. They are often set to patrol the boundaries of a temple-city's terraformed jungle, using darts tipped with venom from the backs of frogs that congregate around the spawning pools. Warmblood trespassers struck by these darts are assailed by hallucinations of a celestial nature; the skinks carefully moderate the dosage of the toxins so that the afflicted either have their minds and memory scoured by the light of the cosmos or else simply expire from the overwhelming majesty. At other times, Chameleons carry out assassination missions. In this role, they often favour sharpened javelins and starstone bolas, throwing weapons that blast entangled foes with Azyrite energy.[2a]


Chameleon Skink Alpha

In every spawning of Seraphon, there are individuals who bear a particular mark of greatness that indicates their primacy within the cohort. Amongst the saurus, these signs of the Old Ones' favour generally relate to increased size and ferocity, but besides their imposing frills and the horns that adorn their snouts, Chameleon Skink Alphas are no larger than the rest of their kind. The blessings bestowed by Huanchi are more subtle tenacity, cunning and an unerring ability to track prey are the Unseen Hunter's gifts, and each Skink Alpha possesses them in abundance. With a subtle re-colouration of their frill and a jerk of the head, they can send their comrades a silent order, while their accuracy with a hurled bolas borders on the preternatural. Naturally cautious creatures, Chameleon Skink Alphas do not recklessly engage in battles they cannot win. Leading through calm certainty rather than gung-ho aggression, their mere presence inspires a stalkpack to transform into a murderously precise instrument of warfare.[2a]

Chameleon Skinks

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The trackers and assassins of the Seraphon hosts, Chameleon Skinks are spawned with the innate ability to blend their physical form with shadow-stuff, allowing them to become all but invisible. Combined with the skinks' inherent agility, this skill makes them deadly killers in spite of their physical frailty. Chameleon Skinks are naturally patient and able to lie in wait without moving for days on end. When the perfect opportunity arises, they shower their quarry with poisonous blow-darts, each laced with venom squeezed from the bodies of luridly coloured amphibians. Many hulking Chaos champions and brutish orruk warlords have met their end in such a fashion without ever realising their peril.[2a]

Huanchi's Claws

The Hunters of Huanchi lack the sociability of most skinks, instead dwelling around far-flung shrines dedicated to Huanchi.[2a] All stalkpacks pay homage to the Unseen Hunter, but the skinks granted the title of Huanchi's Claw truly embody the merciless cunning of this mysterious Old One. This honour is bestowed upon those Chameleon Skinks whose superior strength and innate aggression makes them better suited to claw-to-claw combat than the stalkpacks' traditional ambush tactics. This might seem counterproductive for creatures that prize stealth above all else, but like all natural killers, Chameleon Skinks recognise the value of distractions and diversions that keep their prey off guard.[2a]

Each Huanchi's Claw is granted the honour of wearing an Xhotla Helm - a magical artefact that can simulate the ear-splitting bellow of a hunting saurian. Relying upon a relic shield to protect them from harm, the Huanchi's Claw thunders into battle roaring and stomping, either frightening the enemy into flight or luring them into a deadly ambush. Either way, the Claw renders their targets vulnerable to the darts of fellow skinks even as they hurl their own starstrike javelins with pinpoint accuracy.[2a]


A distantly related sub-species of the feared Terradon, Terrawings are favoured by Chameleon Skinks and trained as scouts and hunting beasts. Despite their small stature, they are formidably aggressive and willing to take on enemies more than twice their size, attacking the foe with their stabbing beaks and raking claws. Circling above a hunting stalkpack, Terrawings screech and bark to draw the enemy's attention until they are summoned to the fray by the blaring of a skyhorn. Then they dive like falling spears, slicing into the Seraphon's prey and making use of their lightning speed to evade any retaliation. Under the cover of this cacophonous onslaught, the stalkpack can slip away into the shadows unseen.[2a]




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