Chains of Paradox

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Chains of paradox binding Slaanesh in Uhl-Gysh

The chains of paradox are magical bindings of light and shadow that hold the Chaos God Slaanesh in his prison in Uhl-Gysh.[1b]


The chains of paradox are a creation of light and shadow magic. As they are designed to bind a chaos god, they are devoid of any trace of chaos or dark magic. This prevented Slaanesh from simply breaking them or using any flaw within their design to banish them.[1b]

However, the chains still follow a set of magical laws that could be twisted and perverted by Slaanesh. Each chain could be broken by applying a large amount of contra-magical force. Each chain was protected by Malerions magic to prevent anyone of learning their secrets and therefore weaknesses.[1b]

To prevent the destruction of the chains, they were constructed to be undone only by the greatest paradoxes, as they were made from the raw stuff of contradiction.[1b]


During the Age of Sigmar the four aelven gods Teclis, Tyrion, Malerion and Morathi conspired with each other and used themselves as bait to lure Slaanesh into Uhl-Gysh. There they used arcane bindings that combined both light and shadow magic. The arithmantic nets of Hyshian magic were combined with web-like snares of Ulguan energy to work in perfect synchrony with each other to constrain the chaos god in a magical paradox.[1a]

Slaanesh's prison was maintained by the perfect balance of light and shadow, while the gods essence was trapped by paraxysms of wrath and ecstasy. Through this prison the god was removed from his seat of power in the Realm of Chaos and his followers lost all contact to their patron.[1a]

At the same time the aelven gods used the same chains to extract souls from within Slaanesh. These rescued souls allowed the creation of the Idoneth and the Scáthborn.[1a]

Over time the followers of Slaanesh, foremost among them the Godseekers, learned of Slaanesh prison and tried to free their god. Keepers of Secrets targeted the mortal aelves who tended to the chains and learned the weaknesses of Slaanesh prison.[1b]

Known Chains

There exists 66 chains of paradox.[1b]

  • Chain of Purest Hatred: Could only be undone by Slaanesh greatest enemy. The aelven gods assumed one of them would be this enemy, however in truth this title belonged to Khorne. The chain was broken when the Infernal Enrapturess Sen'sathra killed Karanak and the Blood Gods raged rippled across Uhl-Gysh.[1b]
  • Chain of Utmost Betrayals: Could only be broken by extreme dissonance. The chain was destroyed when the Stormcast Eternals of Vindicarum, Excelsis and Hammerhal Aqsha slaughtered innocent civilians under their protection in their search for chaos cults.[1b]
  • Chain of Cosmic Law: Could only be destroyed by breaking the cosmic laws of the realmspheres. The chain was undone by the Necroquake.[1b]
  • Chain of Leashed Wrath: Could only be damaged by the claws and weapons of daemons of Khorne. The chain was destroyed by the Khornate head of Dorghar, Archaons Steed of the Apocalypse.[2a]
  • Chain of Stolen Apotheosis: Snapped by Morathis ritual to ascend to godhood.[2a]