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Chaell the Unborn is a Chaos Lord of Slaanesh and former lieutenant of Bakhos and member of the Joyous Revelry. [1]


He wears pastel covered plate armour with a strangely slick surface and which tenses like flesh if gripped. His face is youthful and unlined and his voice soft[1b]


He had lived a long life before he pledged himself to the Dark Prince, Slaanesh and although his memories are fleeting in the Age of Sigmar he does recall having both children and grandchildren as well as his eyesight failing and his hand weak and aching. Some of his scions he sacrificed to his new god as he plunged into a new life of excess. [1d]

He was drawn by a troupe of Daemonettes into the Glades of Silk, the realm of Slaanesh and was propelled to the gods empty Perfumed Throne where he prayed for six days and six nights. He had thought that he would be the one to find the Absent God, but now he had the revelation that the Prince did not want to be found. [1d]

When the Revelry assaulted the Stormcast Eternals that had come to claim the ruins of Caddow and its Realmgate, he was one of the survivors of the vanguard, having been saved by Ghosteater. [1a]

He was then assigned to the Beastlord as a teacher of the arts of war by Bakhos. [1b]


There's a rhythm to blade work. Think of each sword as a song - play it properly, and applause will follow. Play it badly and... well. Don't play it badly, eh?.

~Chaell to Ghosetater .[1c]


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