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Cesse is a member of the Khelt Nar Sect and High Priestess of the temple-stronghold in the Valley of the Oracle's Eye.[1a]


Tall and slender with flawless dark skin and hair, cruel lips and eyes, she wears a bejewelled leather cloak and little else whilst two long blades hang from her hips. She has a pair of dragonlike wings that the cloak somehow conceals. [1a]


In the Age of Sigmar the local village of Varna was repeatedly attacked by followers of Slaanesh and Nurgle. Disagreeing with her elders, one of the villagers Laila went to the valley to seek aid – willing to pay the price in blood, although she did not understand fully the bargain that Cesse made with her. [1a]

For her part, Cesse found the humans motivation confusing but was elated at the chance to kill the followers of Slaanesh. When the enemy under Lord Zertalalian came again to the village, Cesse led the daughters of Khaine and slaughtered them, killing Zertalalian herself before taking the blood they required from the village. [1a]


I do not understand your motive. We have laws. We do not move our forces on behalf of the weak without payment in blood. The weak must be culled from the strong so that the strong may continue unburdened. If you do not give, we will take what we are owed, no more, no less..'.

~Cesse to Laila.[1a]


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