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Centaurion Marshals are terrifying creatures that serve the Dark Master Be'lakor and serve as rallying points for his servants.[1b]


For all their bestial ferocity, Centaurion Marshals are creatures of great cunning and subtlety. Their agenda is nothing less than to replace the Everchosen with the Dark Master. To that effect, they can each call upon cells of servants, true believers and Chaos Legionnaires. They are often scattered across the realms, but when they come together they are a force of terrifying unity and power. Some they convince with the power of words to join their cause, for they can be persuasive and believe their claims with simmering conviction. The more truculent are subdued with violence before being forced to stare into the black burning eyes of an Icon of the Dark Master - their resolve melting away in moments.[1b]


Centaurion Marshals hone their martial skills with an exotic range of weapons on the Varanspire's warpits. From these fighting pits they bring with them ensnaring Gladiator's Nets. They are armed with either Mauling Spears or a Skull Bludgeon and Varanspire Gladius.[1c]



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