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Celestite, also known as Obstinite in some texts, is a meteoric rock believed to come from the Realm's Edge of Azyr. It is a favored building material of the Seraphon, who use it heavily in the creation of their armaments and structures.[1a][3]


Celestite is a strange material, that appears to be superhardened stone, though even the scholars of the Collegiate Arcane are unsure of what it truly is. Despite its appearance it can be used to make bladed armaments, just as easily as blunted ones. Due to this it is sometimes referred to as the star-metal of the Seraphon[1a][1c][2a]


It is the Skink Starseers who shape the meteoric material within the arcane foundries found within the Ziggurat-Ships and Temple-Cities that the Seraphon call home. The material is transformed into blocks for construction or raw material needed to created the weapons used by their constellations. But even the exemplary skills of the Starseers pale in comparison to the works of the Old Ones.[1a]

At least one cell in Ong's, one of the Six Smiths, personal chambers in the Sigmarabulum is barred with celestite. Hamilcar Bear-Eater was held in this cell for a brief time.[2a]

Seraphon equipment made of the material includes the palanquins upon which the ancient Slann ride. As well as the clubs, blades, spears, and maces used by the Saurus and Skinks.[1a][1b][1c][1d][1e]